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For crisply written commentary and resources on the concept of lean, check out the Web site, Superfactory.
"They're not the same car at all," he said crisply. Indeed they are not.
Placed along the north-west edge of the garden compound, the new building is a plain, two-storey volume enclosed by crisply rendered white walls.
Examples are crisply presented and described, including the book as a document, as sculpted form, and as a computer creation.
Combined with the short, crisply written chapter-essays, they make Narnia Beckons an irresistible page turner and a book that can be satisfyingly sampled piecemeal: just jump in at any point in the volume and you will be richly rewarded.
Asked whether the Duke of Edinburgh Awards would be seen as an important part of his legacy, he crisply told the BBC he couldn't care less.
An accompanying photo showed him dressed to impress, his uniform crisply ironed and adorned with medals and other military insignia.
"We're not opening with the Ice Capades," he said crisply.
A CRISPLY taken goal by David Bell ensured that Rushden kicked off the season with a deserved point.
The early morning brings out men in their business attire, including suit jacket, crisply ironed shirt, tie, knee-high socks, dress shoes, and Bermuda shorts.
Although the prose is easy, the images are crisply evoked.
(He compares Johnson to a "modern-day Citizen Kane.") In just 200 well-paced, crisply written pages that you might be tempted to consume in one sitting, Pulley's tells this compelling story, fully contextualized with critical business and personal details.