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And this week I discovered that Mackie's of Scotland, who make one of the finest sea salt & vinegar crisps on the market, were manufacturing a Strawberry flavoured abomination.
The crisps will be stocked radius of the Hill Ridware farm where they are produced.
One Chronicle reader recalled working there in the early days when crisps were still a novelty.
Placing the crisps into a pyramid, with 'God tier' at the top and a warning to not go 'any where near' the packets at the bottom, the documentary caused a storm of fury on social media.
Tyrrells, based in Uttoxeter, Staffordshire, has launched the world's first libido enhancing crisps - and the company reckons its "honey and chilli" flavour will be a Valentine's Day winner.
"No one's buying nostalgia crisps cause ur grandfather died of pneumoconiosis - sell crisps not bull***, " tweeted Treorchy-based writer Sion Tomos Owen.
Real Crisps' Welsh Rarebit flavour potato snack features on the back of its packets the story of "Rhondda Rodders" who, "like his father, his father and his father before him" was "born to swing a pick".
Imagine how much more fun lunchtimes and movie nights would be if you could create any crisp flavour you wanted.
Rub Smokehouse in Regency Wharf, off Birmingham's Broad Street, is holding the Bottomless Retro Crisps Party on Friday, September 22.
Nitrogen is added to packs to keep crisps fresh and the study for CDA Appliances found the longer the best before date, the more air the bags had.