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We managed to find some extra space to squeeze in the lovely light crispy bites of banana.
Mornflake will redeem this coupon at its face value provided ONLY that is has been taken in exchange for Mornflake Extra Crispy 5 Fruit & Nut Seed Muesli.
Sweet Chilli Cod and Prawn Fish Cakes contain cold-water prawns, cod and real potato seasoned with chilli and lime in a natural, crispy crumb.
The expansion of the Newman's Own Thin & Crispy Crust frozen pizza line to eight varieties underscores the company's confidence in the product and earnest response to nationwide consumer feedback.
The skin is very crispy with a slight sweetness and spice.
Bedwas-based Peter's Pies began supplying the Crispy Cod two years ago after a visit from Ken Blackman, who is the company's distribution centre manager.
Our new Crispy Chicken Taco was developed to be more relevant and meet the needs of younger and more mobile consumers," said Tony Lavely, Chief Marketing Officer of Church's Chicken.
Other favorites: The Not Mapo Tofu (steamed fresh soya custard, Szechuan roasted pork, crispy leeks), Twice-Cooked Cumin Lamb (lamb shanks, cumin seed), Truffled Mushroom Edamame Siomai (three kinds of mushroom, ginger broth)
Half a crispy aromatic duck with pancakes pounds 11, beef with green pepper and black bean sauce pounds 4, chicken withmushrooms pounds 3.
50) and the seared albacore with crispy onion ($12) offerings.
Thanks to Quaker Snack-a-Jacks, the delicious light and crispy rice and corn snack containing less than 10% fat, 10 retailers have the chance to each win four boxes of the UK's healthier snacking phenomenon.
XTPlus texture analyser, the new instrument offers manufacturers a quick and easy method of collecting and analysing the noise released by crispy products as they are deformed.