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CRITICISM. The art of judging skillfully of the merits or beauties, defects or faults of a literary or scientific performance, or of a production of art; when the criticism is reduced to writing, the writing itself is called a criticism.
     2. Liberty of criticism must be allowed, or there would be neither purity of taste nor of morals. Fair discussion, is essentially necessary to, the truth of history and advancement of science. That publication therefore, is not a libel, which has for its object, not to injure the reputation of an individual, but to correct misrepresentations of facts, to refute sophistical reasoning, to expose a vicious taste for literature, or to censure what is hostile to morality. Campb. R. 351-2. As every man who publishes a book commits himself to the judgment of the public, any one may comment on his performance. If the commentator does not step aside from the work, or introduce fiction for the purpose of condemnation, he exercises a fair and legitimate right. And the critic does a good service to the public who writes down any vapid or useless publication such as ought never to have appeared; and, although the author may suffer a loss from it, the law does not consider such loss an injury; because it is a loss which the party ought to sustain. It is the loss of fame and profit, to which he was never entitled. 1 Campb. R. 358, n. See 1 Esp. N. P. Cas. 28; 2 Stark. Cas. 73; 4 Bing. N. S. 92; S. C. 3 Scott, 340;. 1 M. & M. 44; 1 M. & M. 187; Cooke on Def. 52.

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Zakaria added, "Abu Shadi was a magnificent film critic and statesman who managed to balance between the two sides."
Two such critics who can satisfy Ozick's criteria are the polymath Edmund Wilson and Lionel Trilling, who based his criticism on moral as well as aesthetic grounds.
Scott argues we are all critics because criticism informs our social interactions, private feelings, and how we view art.
Hywel Lloyd AS food critics go Jay Rayner is one of the best.
And, yet, female critics who barely got a toe-hold anyway are often the last hired, first fired."
This year, NCI received a makeover courtesy of Chicago Tribune theatre critic Chris Jones, who took the helm of the institute following in the footsteps of long-retired Los Angeles Times critic Dan Sullivan, who ran the institute since 1999.
In this comprehensive self-help guide, psychologist Jay Earley and psychotherapist Bonnie Weiss offer specific strategies and tactics designed to blunt the negative damage caused by this voice, which they label the "Inner Critic."
Between creator and critic. When I came across Chesterton's story in an anthology I'd unearthed in a used bookstore, it made me stop in my reading-tracks.
* Myrna Driedger, critic for Finance, Civil Service and Crown Corporation Accountability;
And I'm not the only one to diss critics. As actor Eli Wallach is quoted as saying, "Having the critics praise you is like having the hangman say you've got a pretty neck." Curiously, NY Times movie critic A.
Both Phillips and Scott were frequent guest critics in the last two seasons of "At the Movies" when Chicago Sun-Times critic Roger Ebert was unable to host, having lost his voice in an ongoing struggle with thyroid cancer.
"One can count the standout critics throughout that time on maybe two hands."