critical analysis

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However, it is the lived experience of the combatants, captured in current and emerging literary texts that will ultimately allow for greater understanding of and a more informed critical analysis of our current culture of war.
Donning the theoretical lenses of social constructionism and Foucauldian interpretations of knowledge and power, the authors next provide a critical analysis of the philosophy and practice of children's institutions including schools.
Through a critical analysis of these three methods, the researchers estimate that the frequency correction for NIST-F1 in its current location is -1805.
As she draws perceptive parallels between the books, between fiction and nonfiction, invoking here Morrison's research for The Black Book and there her critical analysis of American literature or of contemporary issues, she constructs from chapter to chapter a compelling view of Morrison's poetics.
provides timely critical analysis of political and economic develpments and trends across sub-Saharan Africa.
This issue deserves the critical analysis that an open committee process can provide," said Levin.
The movement to push back hominid origins in Europe has needed a critical analysis," asserts F.
Shifting the public relations paradigm: A theory of donor relations developed through a critical analysis of fund raising and its effect on organizational autonomy.
A historical essay by Peter Mesenholler places the period of time and photos in perspective, providing both a critical analysis of Sherman's work and this collection, and lending important background to the portraits.
Chapters arranged by theme provide contrasts, quotes, and critical analysis of these key topics, making UNDERSTANDING MELVILLE'S SHORT FICTION perfect supplemental reading for any in-depth Melville report at the high school or college levels.
The first incarnation of the Library Research Exercise for English 519, Critical Analysis (a sophomore-level gateway course to the English major which also attracts non-majors), was built on a model used by another English faculty member who had taught the class previously.