critical attitude

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With your cold American intelligence you can only adopt the critical attitude.
When he was seen thus among his books and his valuables, amiably anxious to make his visitor comfortable, and moving about with something of the dexterity and grace of a Persian cat, Denham relaxed his critical attitude, and felt more at home with Rodney than he would have done with many men better known to him.
In the studio with Beverley she found Reginald Sellers, standing in a critical attitude before the easel.
Many Russians identify with the band's critical attitude towards nuclear power.
He used socially significant images from newspapers, magazines and television to portray his critical attitude toward media.
In line with the same hostile and critical attitude, she passed veiled remarks, describing the instant court decision discriminatory.
Policymakers may be miffed at the author's critical attitude toward government border policies.
Also offer the consumer the materials that encourage investigation of reality, the practice of a positive critical attitude, analysis, deepening and training in aspects of consumption.
Nobel laureate Mario Vargas Llosa said reading and literature fostered a critical attitude that could be a potent weapon for social transformation.
Recently, and since the introduction of fees for university study, I have been aware of a more critical attitude among graduates to the lack of employment opportunities available in the disciplines in which they have studied.
Finally, I will try to show that if historians assume a critical attitude toward the "living experiences" and regard the "present as history", then the different transformations of the discipline can be explained by a critical attitude and go together with an ethical project.
This edition deletes spurious saints and takes a critical attitude towards historical evidence.

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