critical attitude

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With your cold American intelligence you can only adopt the critical attitude.
In the studio with Beverley she found Reginald Sellers, standing in a critical attitude before the easel.
Despite the majority of Turkish citizens haboring critical attitude toward the Gezi protests, only 20 percent of all people in Turkey think that "protesters were wrong from very the beginning of the protests.
Likewise, it is this paranoia that makes them see anyone who adopts a critical attitude regarding any failing policy as an enemy.
ySTANBUL (CyHAN)- It is clear that today I stand justified in the critical attitude I have adopted regarding the Justice and Development Party (AK Party) since its establishment.
The heart of the campaign focuses on Digital's adoption of a mission critical attitude to do whatever it takes toward becoming more competitive in today's marketplace, in turn making customers more competitive.
With the critical attitude Pictures fostered in the face of neo-expressionism, the emphasis on received or "processed" (historically overdetermined) imagery i n Pictures left the door open for an appreciation of such varied artistic phenomena as neo-geo, Institutional Critique, and even certain species of painterly painting (e.
With dispassionate sadness, yet without an openly critical attitude, the author lets a fragment of European history pass in review; and yet, by painting the pictures of man's inhumanity to man, he raises unobtrusively the issue of accountability.
The results are liberating for those who enjoy a critical attitude from a conservative perspective.
How could we argue that those structures which show no shred of democratic courtesy, let alone critical attitude and democratic reaction, are civil society groups?
introduces students and scholars to the widest possible range of cybercrime debates, with an inter-disciplinary analysis of problems and a critical attitude respecting the claims often made about the dangers of online crime.
A scholar of theology, Coptology, early Christian literature, and the New Testament, Luttikhuizen discusses the critical attitude of the Apocryphon of John and related Gnostic documents towards the Jewish Scriptures, but also looks at critical Gnostic interpretations of early Christian traditions about the teaching and the passion of Jesus.

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