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It is the result of a very constructive and critical discussion between the curators and the artists at the Fire Station." Saida al Khulaifi added, "Idea versus execution is the core theme that guided this process and the exhibition shows multiple outcomes experimenting with concepts such as ideas, mediums, sound and light." Commenting on the occasion, Director of the Doha Fire Station Khalifa al Obaidli said, "The exhibition reflects the world-class artistic talent of Qatar's creative community and is another example of how this programme offers artists a chance to develop their practices.
Nasima Karim, an entrepreneur from Gilgit Baltistan stated, 'I am hopeful today's critical discussion will create an environment for tech-based advances that will allow women farmers in Gilgit Baltistan to excel.' Tabindah Shahzadi from Rachna Agri Business added, 'This platform will help create a network of women professionals and CEOs to link women with agri-technologies.'
It provides a platform for critical discussion, brainstorming and exchange for young creative people to share and reflect on their body of work with a broader audience.
The book itself has gained recognition from international scholars, with Peter Wilson, professor of History at Oxford University, calling it a "lucid, critical discussion of how the historical example of the Peace of Westphalia might encourage more constructive solutions to current conflicts in the Middle East."
But curators explain that theories dating from the late 1970s led to a still relevant widespread critical discussion about archaeology's failings in "fully understanding and embracing the social and political dimensions of objects, their multifaceted relationship to history and human societies, as well as the proliferation of competing narratives."
Vito Tanzi, formerly the Director of the Fiscal Affairs Department of the IMF, provides a timely and critical discussion of the interaction between monetary and fiscal policy in Europe in 'Fiscal and monetary policies during the Great Recession: A critical evaluation'.
Creating a Sustainable and Desirable Future offers a broad, critical discussion on what such a future should or can be, with global perspectives written by some of the world's leading thinkers, including: Wendell Berry, Van Jones, Frances Moore Lappe, Peggy Liu, Hunter Lovins, Gus Speth, Bill McKibben, and many more.
This book plays one part in that process; it opens up a space for critical discussion of anarchism.
This book's ten chapters include a critical discussion of 'the burden of Orientalism' in outsiders' hegemonic representations of Western and Yemeni/Arabian perfumery in the opening sections, as shaped by envy, colonisation, and exploitation (pp.
Their meeting next week is going to hold critical discussion between the conflicted countries.
Circa Projects, founded in 2009 by art graduates Sam Watson and Adam Phillips, specialises in putting on new art works and projects that encourage critical discussion.

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