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colonel and challenges military routines in a critical discussion recommended for political and military leaders alike.
An extended literature review focuses on the international arena of debate on professionalism, includes a critical discussion of the impact of managerial and neo-liberal educational reforms upon teachers' professional identities.
We examine chat room interaction relative to the ideals of critical discussion (van Eemeren & Grootendorst, 1992; van Eemeren, Grootendorst, Jackson, & Jacobs, 1993; Walton, 1989) to understand the relationship between the forum and the talk.
Presses) includes extensive critical discussion of Lease's longer
Moreover, they broaden the interdisciplinary reach of the exhibition by engaging respected intellectuals (Homi Bhabha, Ernesto Laclau, Wole Soyinka, Nawal al-Saadawi, Slavoj Zizek Chantal Mouffe, Immanuel Wallerstein, Stuart Hall, and many others) in a critical discussion that goes well beyond pondering aesthetics to "reinventing and reinterpreting the place of culture within a global society.
This book will certainly help readers of the rising generation to develop an informed vocabulary and make their own intelligent contribution to an ongoing critical discussion.
He offers several versions of critical discussion - blaming the critics (the usual suspects) for not realizing that "postmodernism" is about something.
This collection of essays is intended to link literary and environmental studies into an interdisciplinary and critical discussion that questions mainstream thinking regarding nature, conservation, and development in Africa.
MEIF 2011 will feature critical discussion and debates that are vital to successfully support the next phase of development for the regional insurance markets.
The author invites everyone to explore a little known part of the past and frames a critical discussion about what the future might be.
Contributing a complementary consideration of the critical discussion around Gehry's oeuvre is architectural historian JOAN OCKMAN, director of the Temple Hoyne Buell Center for the Study of American Architecture at Columbia University.

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