critical examination

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As reviewers we feel that Sport and Violence: A Critical Examination of Sport is a contemporary book that addresses a timely sport issue and offers educators, practitioners, organizers, and parents practical and applicable solutions to societal challenges in sport.
The survival of interpretation depends on the critical examination of what is done, how it is done, and what results from it.
As usual, this opportunity for a critical examination of corporate power attracted not only our own branch members--some of whom had already taken the course but wanted a refresher--but also total strangers who came out of curiosity and decided to stay for more.
While General Petraeus seems to be doing well now, and certainly performed admirably when he was in charge of the occupation of Mosul in 2003 and early 2004, there is an intervening period in his career that cries for critical examination.
Both Catholic social teachings and the different ways health care is organized around the world are discussed as preliminaries, followed by critical examination of the market-based approaches to health care advocated by Milton Friedman, Regina Herzlinger, Mark Pauly, and Alain Einthoven.
I don't see any threats to the church as long as these differences are confronted by church leaders who can make decisions, either by requiring uncritical acceptance of what the pope calls fundamental values or boldly stepping up to the plate and making spiritual and religious decisions that can stand up successfully to critical examination.
The key is to plan all aspects in detail and subject every idea to the most critical examination of family, business partners, staff and professional advisers.
Essentially, the media are deploying this Afro-American culture in distracting and deflecting viewers from any critical examination of the issues on the ground-worldwide.
A thoroughly researched critical examination especially recommended for women's studies shelves.
During the SARS outbreaks in Toronto, the phrase was often used as a self-standing argument for active involvement on the part of medical staff, without any critical examination of its meaning.
A critical examination of earlier regional models, however, reveals an architectural tectonic far more closely linked with the evolution of modernism.
Service Life Prediction offers a critical examination of current and alternative service life prediction methods, and reports on advances in laboratory and field exposure testing.

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