critical faculty

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But he also had a critical faculty, and was inclined to think, after due reflection, that it was a true idea as well.
The stage is filled with so much wonder and magic that I continually suspended my critical faculty, stunned by the in-your-face onstage singers, the marvellous acting and a gorgeously funny script.
to you Alcohol softens the critical faculty - the inner voice which asks, "Is this okay?
In addition, whether the research is done in a library, archive, or the Internet, the critical faculty is the same.
Not to be misread as false modesty, the key to McCoy's success is a critical faculty that by nature kicks into overdrive.
Do we really want to put all power at the disposal of a one omnipotent assembly without counter-availing forces, like the House of Lords, to keep in check unscrupulous and ambitious politicians in the Commons who know that any attempt at the abuse of executive power can be challenged by the critical faculty of men and women in the Lords with vast experience?
This is the second phase of the Preparing Critical Faculty for the Future initiative; in the first phase, the AACU selected 26 female minority faculty members from 13 colleges to develop action plans for their schools.
He worked with vigour and enthusiasm while displaying a most critical faculty.
He gave us critical faculty, he made us very dissatisfied.
To this end a poet has available many devices to convey meaning and evoke an emotional response in readers; devices like rhythm or rhyme have the power to bypass the critical faculty of the mind and take aim directly at the heart; some of Sasha Bonay's poems do just that and manage to hit their mark.
What Keen misses, completely, is that people have a critical faculty.
But this didn't subdue those whose critical faculty had been piqued.

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