critical juncture

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At some critical juncture the resemblance is found to be perfect.
At this critical juncture, when famine stared them in the face, M'Lellan casting up his eyes, beheld an ahsahta, or bighorn, sheltering itself under a shelving rock on the side of the hill above them.
At this critical juncture, old Cudjoe, the black man-of-all-work, put his head in at the door, and wished "Missis would come into the kitchen;" and our senator, tolerably relieved, looked after his little wife with a whimsical mixture of amusement and vexation, and, seating himself in the arm-chair, began to read the papers.
Imran said that the people of Pakistan also attached high hopes to the OIC countries, including the UAE, at this critical juncture.
Addressing the rally, the speakers said they are standing with their Kashmiri brothers at this critical juncture.
He said that Islamabad Chambers of Commerce has abandoned the business community at this critical juncture when everyone is concerned at runaway inflation and regressive taxation regime.
He said: "I'm absolutely delighted to be offered the chance to report on the economy at this critical juncture.
Firdous Ashiq Awan said that Pakistan is with Sri Lanka in this critical juncture.
He said Pakistan is passing through a critical juncture when it is facing fifth generation war and external hostilities by enemies.
'We can do politicking very well, but are quiet because the country is passing through a critical juncture,' he told a group of party leaders, who called on him at Bilawal House, here on Monday.
At this critical juncture, we must recognise the fact that power theft lowers service quality as infrastructure is damaged and stretched beyond its capacity.
It is not an ordinary thing and it is the amazing moment for all of us and we feel proud of him as he has taken the reigns of the country at this most critical juncture. All eyes are focused on him as how he takes the country forward {in the backdrop of CPEC}.

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