critical juncture

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At some critical juncture the resemblance is found to be perfect.
At this critical juncture, when famine stared them in the face, M'Lellan casting up his eyes, beheld an ahsahta, or bighorn, sheltering itself under a shelving rock on the side of the hill above them.
At this critical juncture, old Cudjoe, the black man-of-all-work, put his head in at the door, and wished "Missis would come into the kitchen;" and our senator, tolerably relieved, looked after his little wife with a whimsical mixture of amusement and vexation, and, seating himself in the arm-chair, began to read the papers.
For this purpose, the concept of critical juncture is introduced since it allows for a fresh perspective by zooming in on individual, imaginative qualities and broader, often unexpected, transformations which are a result of both historical processes and cultural actors' creativity on different scales.
20 ( ANI ): Malaysia's transport minister has reportedly said that the search for missing Malaysia Airline flight MH370 is at a very critical juncture.
Kent Calder and Min Ye tackle this explanation of Asian regionalism with the concepts of organization gap, critical juncture, and policy network and argue that Northeast Asia has developed much more coherent regional institutionalization after the Asian financial crisis through policymakers' active responses to environmental changes.
Summary: "The UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs condemns, and is following with great concern the twin terrorist bombings, which took place on Friday in Lebanon, as acts that target Lebanon's stability and security, aim to sow sedition among the Lebanese people and threaten Lebanon's national unity, especially at this critical juncture of regional developments," stated Dr Anwar Mohammed Gargash, Minister of State for Foreign Affairs (Minister of Federal National Council of Affairs).
Peter Spencer, chief economic adviser to the ITEM Club, said: "The UK economy has hit a critical juncture.
They thus focus on the Korean War as a critical juncture that gave birth to a "hub-and-spokes" relationship between the United States and its allies in Japan and South Korea, with China joining later as a de facto member, and the 1997 Asian financial crisis as another critical juncture that led to subregional institutional innovation and helped encourage the sense of a common Northeast Asian identity.
They said Pakistan is passing through critical juncture and the democratic government is committed to pulling out it from this crucial time.
We are at a critical juncture, at which the fate of that country hangs in the balance.
Said De Chiara, "Our government is at a critical juncture in history to secure more global locations for our diplomatic and consular missions.

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