critical occasion

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But with regard to critical occasions, it often happens that all moments seem comfortably remote until the last.
Madrid Fusion Manila was not only a gastronomical milestone but a critical occasion that helped boost Philippine tourism and agricultural industries.
What we need now is to call on what's best in us and rise to this critical occasion.
This forum represents a critical occasion for everyone in the industry to take part in this important dialogue," he added.
On a previous, similarly critical occasion nearly four years ago, with politicians afraid of angering American Jews in the run-up to elections, Israel conducted its wicked assaults on Gaza, claiming it was hunting for some terrorists who'd been firing missiles into its southern towns.
This organization has proved to be cohesive on more than one critical occasion, considering that any change affecting one member in it will carry repercussions on the other members.
Prime Minister Erdogan thanked the President for the warm welcome and said that Turkey would continue to support Pakistan and its people at every critical occasion and would actively participate in the reconstruction and rehabilitation phase for the flood affectees.
Casey's American girlfriend Jocelyn Hefner tramped loyally round after him in the murk and the drizzle, painfully aware how much he needed her support on such a critical occasion.
John is also appreciative of the ability of a plating supply house to provide good technical support on the rare but critical occasion it is needed.
Especially in the final climax, with the U-571 locked in mortal combat with a Nazi destroyer, the Germans fire off countless salvos that just barely miss the heroes, while the latter make implausibly lucky hits on more than one critical occasion.
They said that they would remember him for ever due to his contributions and guidance provided to the district lawyers on various critical occasions.
Asked why the PM is missing on most critical occasions, like the Coalgate debate in Parliament, he said: " If something unforeseen happens, we cannot renege on our international commitments.

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