critical remark

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But to show he was not trying to ingratiate himself with Vronsky, he promptly added some slightly critical remarks.
knavery', 'dirt,' 'filth,' 'slime,' 'ditch-water,' and other critical remarks of the like nature.
He said nothing more precise, however; and after some critical remarks upon the personalities of the various members of the committee of revolutionary action in Stuttgart, he let the conversation lapse for quite a long while.
Had he made a critical remark abut a person of a coloured race he might, like other presenters, have been suspended or even sacked.
The only general critical remark worth making, perhaps, is that in a book on aesthetics it is a shame to have only two pictures, and those in monochrome.
This critical remark should not overshadow the fact that Bruce Williams and the Oriental Institute have produced an important and valuable contribution to Egyptol-ogy and Nubian studies.
After the ombudsman issued a critical remark to the Commission, it finally cancelled the relevant debit notes.
Thomas, who steered non-league South Shields through their glory days, said: "It's a critical remark without being helpful.
In a statement released on 1 February, the ombudsman notes that his request follows a critical remark made to the Commission over its reasons for refusing to conduct a dialogue seminar with the European Humanist Federation (EHF) on the exemption for churches in employment rules.
A MAN murdered a teenager because he made a critical remark about his girlfriend.
London, May 17 ( ANI ): Alexandra Burke has made a critical remark on her cheating ex boyfriend Jermain Defoe through the lyrics of her new album, 'Heartbreak On Hold'.
A further remark differs from a critical remark in that it is not based on a finding of maladministration.

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