critical remarks

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But to show he was not trying to ingratiate himself with Vronsky, he promptly added some slightly critical remarks.
knavery', 'dirt,' 'filth,' 'slime,' 'ditch-water,' and other critical remarks of the like nature.
He said nothing more precise, however; and after some critical remarks upon the personalities of the various members of the committee of revolutionary action in Stuttgart, he let the conversation lapse for quite a long while.
The ruling AK Party has referred three deputies to the disciplinary committee, including GE-nay, for their critical remarks on the party's approach to graft probe which has led to resignations of three ministers.
About 150 critical remarks were made on Medium-Term Development Program of Kyrgyzstan for 2012-2014, said Minister of Economy and Anti-Monopoly Policy of Kyrgyzstan Temir Sariev during the session of the Parliamentary Committee on Industrial Development on May 22.
In the talks, South Korea demanded North Korea release a South Korean worker detained by the North since March 30 for allegedly making critical remarks about the North.
Earlier on Friday, AK Party yuzmir deputy Erdal Kalkan also resigned after being referred to the party's disciplinary committee with two other deputies for their critical remarks on the government's pressure on prosecutors who are leading the corruption investigation into alleged bribery and tender rigging.
North Korea has detained a South Korean worker in the industrial zone since March 30 for allegedly making critical remarks about the North.
It is nothing but a view from the old Turkey that a jurist who was given the chance to speak on a day important to jurists opted to make a political speech," says Star's Yalcyn Akdoy-an in critical remarks of Feyzioy-lu.
North Korea has detained a South Korean worker there since March 30 for allegedly having made critical remarks about the North and having tried to encourage a North Korean woman to defect.
Kalyoncu was expected to be appointed as the new Turkish Land Forces commander in accordance with the military tradition, but he was forced to resign due to critical remarks he made about Turkey's settlement process with the terrorist Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK), launched by the Turkish government in October of last year, and his anti-government stance during a security summit in 2006.

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