critical scrutiny

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Boss Mauricio Pochettino (left) escaped the critical scrutiny Arsene Wenger might have copped if the result had been the other way round.
Then, he goes on to show how sober reflection and critical scrutiny prove the problems were all but certainly attributable to drivers flooring the gas pedal when they thought they were pressing the brakes.
It's time we provided some critical scrutiny and stopped parroting the gospel of medical progress at all costs.
However, until recent past, our primary focus has been on kinetic threat which is essential for removing terrorists from the battlefield and disrupting their plots, whereas, awareness about the shifting labyrinth of non-kinetic challenges and the threat they pose to our national security has now been placed under critical scrutiny and is being responded to in a comprehensive manner i.
Drawing on examples from African and Western cultures, scholars of philosophy and education show how philosophy can provide a critical scrutiny of established customs, values, beliefs, practices, and institutions.
Right now there has been no detailed independent, expert analysis or critical scrutiny of the Cardiff project which is of an entirely different scale to the Swansea Bay scheme.
Synopsis: Famous for his "Book of the Courtier", Baldassarre Castiglione also composed works in neo-Latin that have never been the subject of systematic, critical scrutiny within the broader context of early Cinquecento court culture.
Ayre has decided he wants to spend more time with his family - and less time fielding critical scrutiny of his work.
This he contends that abstractionism shows up the actual constructedness, thereby subjecting them to critical scrutiny and making them amenable to transformation, and suggests that realism is the primary mode of African American representational aesthetics.
In a series of carefully argued chapters, using a series of effective thought experiments, Rowlands does a good job of challenging the connections between critical scrutiny and control and between normativity and control on which this objection rests.
He should not be immune from critical scrutiny, of course not.

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