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The Elvaloy PMBs have a higher critical temperature than base bitumens.
As a critical temperature it was assumed here (based on the ASTM D6373-13 (2013)) temperature corresponding to S = 300 MPa and m = 0.
Increasing critical temperature is generally accompanied by an increase of HX size.
Figure 1 shows that above the critical temperature of 31[degrees]C(87.
Thus, for the sample in this work, the critical temperature for thermal cracking is estimated to be 300[degrees]C.
Lehmkuhler said several things can influence lower critical temperature value.
Depending on the amount of each ligand used, and which solvent is chosen, the critical temperature can be tuned between -55 and +16.
Rupatadine (Rupafin) resets the critical temperature threshold markedly downward in patients with cold urticaria, said Dr.
It is predicted that over the 180 seconds of exposure, the 47[degrees]C critical temperature threshold will be exceeded after exposure to laser energy.
Australia's fruit and vegetable growers will soon be able to determine the viability of their businesses under a changed climate through a research project that will identify critical temperature thresholds for major horticulture crops around Australia.
Starting from this expression of critical amortization coefficient, the critical viscosity, respectively the operating critical temperature of the bearing will be determined.
Developed by company engineers for a wide range of critical temperature monitoring applications, the patent-pending Estik is said to incorporate the latest in microthermocouple technology with a bold digital readout to instantly display the surface temperature with an accuracy of [+ or -]2%, according to the literature.

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