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Simulation is triggered in every time step in which the FUT output differs significantly from human driver output (Figure 4) or criticality surpasses a threshold (cf.
We found that the process was self-similar because the time of criticality did not change by changing the threshold.
It is very important to assess the criticality of heat infrastructure, despite the fact that the research is conducted along with building renovation (e.
Incidentally, INS Arihant's reactor achieved criticality ahead of the launch of the second phase of the construction of indigenous aircraft carrier, Vikrant on Monday.
Does the tendency of attributing blame (attribution to the brand, to the logistics company or to the self) for a logistics service failure change according to criticality situations, expectations and availability of 3PL company information?
Existing Citicus ONE customers can integrate Citicus MoCAEoACAOs mobile capabilities with their organisation's risk and compliance system, and can customise the criticality assessments presented by Citicus MoCA.
Companies use various business criticality classifications.
It's something special that we do for election mail because of the criticality of it.
Criticality incidents are among the types of accidents that can occur when handling low-enriched uranium.
The criticality of a system is self-organized if it ends up in the poised state as the result of a series of "natural" small pushes.
0 that is attached to a casting based on its criticality.
Physicists have explored the possibility that self-organized criticality occurs when sand grains are added to sandpiles, creating avalanches ranging in size from just a few grains to entire slopes (SN: 7/15/89, p.

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