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Initially, the personal criticalness of a sarcastic argument as compared to ironic argument is particularly biting.
High criticalness in families is often tied to a lack of understanding about illness.
But it is their degree of criticalness, for lack of a better word, that must be considered when assessing their role on the continuum of autonomy and civil liberties.
The cyber criminal's selection criteria for the target network include symbolic significance and criticalness, degree of digitization of values and weakness in defense mechanisms.
It is believed that the inconsistency in the weld factor with the thinner films is due to the criticalness in horn/fixture alignment [23].
Functionality criticalness of one dimension may impact a smaller lumen.
Unless you have critically reviewed the degree of evaluation: (1) the scope and completeness of questions; (2) the degree of physical aptitude that is required, where applicable, to pass; and (3) the frequency and the associated complexity and criticalness of the associated task, one cannot be confident sending out an OQed worker to perform that particular task.
Antisemitism among Jews has been statistically related to emotional insecurity and criticalness (Demakovsky, 1978).
The participants' responses to the open questions were analysed firstly for the criticalness of the engagement with the news brief, defined by the ability to give reasons why the text should be accepted or rejected, and secondly by the type of requests made for extra information.
Ethnic minority clients may be particularly sensitive to the experiences of negative judgment, rejection, and criticalness on the part of White therapists, without the White therapist being aware of this.
Within this consideration of Uchimura's context, we find the threads that form the crux of the book's central theme: that Uchimura transcended the crosscurrents of cultural and national identity resulting from his acceptance of a non-native religion to the level of one who could speak as a representative of his subsequent faith with equal criticalness to the dichotomous sources of his makeup.
Engineers pressured by management began to evaluate greater numbers of component parts for their "criticalness" to the proprietary characteristics of the product and the value of in-house design.