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For example, I don't like the [court-dissolved] Cambodia National Rescue Party so I formed another political party to criticise it.
The wind farm whingers never, ever criticise, let alone name and shame, the people who are really gaining the most from these development, namely the wealthy landowners providing sites for developers.
I personally think that people who criticise others for no apparent valid reasons suffer from either psychological or even inferiority disorders.
Brian Clough never used to criticise officials and I think he was right for that.
Criticise the police all you want - but they are the ones putting themselves on the line fighting crime every day.
Mrs Winters criticises my letter as being unhelpful to the cause of Christian Unity.
By all means criticise the government, but if it is merely clearing up someone else's mess such a letter is unfair and misguided.
IN HIS desire to "bash-a-Christian", Mr Sanders has devised a false argument within which to criticise Sir Cliff Richard (Letters, May 21).
In a statement here Saturday, Faisal Raza Abidi said it has become a habit of the opposition leader to criticise every step of the government.
Mr Golding said the US were not in a position to criticise BP after refusing to sign the Kyoto Protocol.
They're not putting the ball in the back of the net but nobody needs to criticise them for that as they know themselves.
ItAEs always easy for someone not involved to criticise a committee.