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CRITICISM. The art of judging skillfully of the merits or beauties, defects or faults of a literary or scientific performance, or of a production of art; when the criticism is reduced to writing, the writing itself is called a criticism.
     2. Liberty of criticism must be allowed, or there would be neither purity of taste nor of morals. Fair discussion, is essentially necessary to, the truth of history and advancement of science. That publication therefore, is not a libel, which has for its object, not to injure the reputation of an individual, but to correct misrepresentations of facts, to refute sophistical reasoning, to expose a vicious taste for literature, or to censure what is hostile to morality. Campb. R. 351-2. As every man who publishes a book commits himself to the judgment of the public, any one may comment on his performance. If the commentator does not step aside from the work, or introduce fiction for the purpose of condemnation, he exercises a fair and legitimate right. And the critic does a good service to the public who writes down any vapid or useless publication such as ought never to have appeared; and, although the author may suffer a loss from it, the law does not consider such loss an injury; because it is a loss which the party ought to sustain. It is the loss of fame and profit, to which he was never entitled. 1 Campb. R. 358, n. See 1 Esp. N. P. Cas. 28; 2 Stark. Cas. 73; 4 Bing. N. S. 92; S. C. 3 Scott, 340;. 1 M. & M. 44; 1 M. & M. 187; Cooke on Def. 52.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Speaking to leaders of non-government organizations (NGOs) last Thursday, Rafsanjani said, "If the public and our youth are not allowed the opportunity and the space to express healthy criticism and to be active [politically], such criticism will not be silenced, it will merely move underground."
The day's work over, there are no discussions, no comparisons of their respective labors." But Valery refused to be cowed by Degas's reluctance to acknowledge the value of criticism. In his writing on art, Valery possessed that "obstinate rigor of attention" that he once ascribed to Leonardo.
My 26-year tenure as a movie critic for the Philadelphia Inquirer coincided with a transformational period in moviemaking, exhibition and criticism itself.
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"Do we--we who care about poetry, present and future--need nonacademic poetry criticism?" The question seems logical, given the migration (now chronicled by many academics) of poetry and its critics into the American academy, and the more recent decline of such nonacademic venues as the newspaper book review.
Praising It New: The Best of the New Criticism, edited by Garrick Davis (Athens, OH: Ohio University Press, 2008)
In the first paragraph, he states that I have argued, "if we are to have criticism of ceramics then we must do it using the latest art-critical theory." I have most certainly never said so, for the simple reason that I do not believe it.
As one of them states, she wanted to bring together her different selves that wrote under different pseudonyms in different genres; including fiction, journalism and academic criticism. In this interview with Jeffrey Williams titled "Writing in Concert," Cathy Davidson, Alice Kaplan, Jane Tompkins and Marianna Torgovnick ponder the relevance of identifying their experimental critical writing practice.
Gary Day, Literary Criticism: A New History, Edinburgh University Press, 2008, pp.
Many people can not tolerate criticism despite the fact that it is tolerable and soft most of the time.
Ronald Bailey received the award for Online Column/Commentary/ Criticism, for his "Creation Summer Camp" series in July 2005.