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CRITICISM. The art of judging skillfully of the merits or beauties, defects or faults of a literary or scientific performance, or of a production of art; when the criticism is reduced to writing, the writing itself is called a criticism.
     2. Liberty of criticism must be allowed, or there would be neither purity of taste nor of morals. Fair discussion, is essentially necessary to, the truth of history and advancement of science. That publication therefore, is not a libel, which has for its object, not to injure the reputation of an individual, but to correct misrepresentations of facts, to refute sophistical reasoning, to expose a vicious taste for literature, or to censure what is hostile to morality. Campb. R. 351-2. As every man who publishes a book commits himself to the judgment of the public, any one may comment on his performance. If the commentator does not step aside from the work, or introduce fiction for the purpose of condemnation, he exercises a fair and legitimate right. And the critic does a good service to the public who writes down any vapid or useless publication such as ought never to have appeared; and, although the author may suffer a loss from it, the law does not consider such loss an injury; because it is a loss which the party ought to sustain. It is the loss of fame and profit, to which he was never entitled. 1 Campb. R. 358, n. See 1 Esp. N. P. Cas. 28; 2 Stark. Cas. 73; 4 Bing. N. S. 92; S. C. 3 Scott, 340;. 1 M. & M. 44; 1 M. & M. 187; Cooke on Def. 52.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Several opposition politicians called it an act against democracy, while the NEC's spokesman claimed only destructive criticism was being banned.
The president says sometimes criticism is good because criticism strengthens you.
Summary: London [United Kingdom], April 19 (ANI): Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that criticisms are the goldmine for him.
Despite claims of ouster plots against President Rodrigo Duterte, Defense Secretary Delfin Lorenzana maintained on Thursday that they have not monitored such plans, stressing that criticisms do not amount to destabilization.
The first wing lies in the disappearance or overtaking of ethics by new critical approaches developed in the 1970s and '80s, such as feminism, post-colonialism, Marxism, and deconstruction; while the second wing comes from a necessary deepening and concern for ethics in a more "theorized" strand of criticism, which is accounted by three sub-factors: "a sense that the Marxist project per se had failed"; "the need for a response to the criticisms made of deconstruction and other theoretical paradigms"; and "the quite normal development to critics' own interests" (584).
It is true that almost none of these criticisms are known by the wider public.
In an effort to overcome the tendency toward isolationism in the practice of biblical criticism, each methodological assessment aims to highlight congruencies or similarities with other criticisms.
My wish is that we would have had more than an hour for the panel so that the relations to other criticisms could have been developed or at least alluded to as resources for our goals.
Many critics believe that the constant use of pre-set methods, or the tendency to only draw terms and catch phrases from previous criticisms, has created a paradigm of competition that harms the educational value of the event.
In cases of judicial criticism, our lawyerly minds will guide us in determining when and how to respond to such criticisms.
6 learn the critic's background: his/her relationship to you, how much information he/she has, what other criticisms he/she has delivered in the past.
Criticisms like Pollitt's amount to an attack on the Enlightenment, the movement that advanced the notions of rights and reason and secular anti-authoritarianism."

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