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However much you might want to criticize the Titanic for being nautically irresponsible, they certainly did a heck of a job building their brand name," is how a shipping executive might have put it.
To criticize the inefficiencies of non-market allocation without addressing the core issue of fair access begs the question.
Just as Kant criticized knowledge to make room for faith, so Rorty criticizes epistemology to make room for moral seriousness.
The Wilson decision not only limits Wickline to its particular facts, but also criticizes some of its rationale.
But at these newspapers, writers who even slightly criticize the government have lost their jobs.
Three quarters of Jordan people do not dare to criticize their government in public according to an opinion poll carried out by the Center for Strategic Studies at Jordan University, AL HAYAT reported last Tuesday.
The letter said that a free society "must have the scope to debate, criticize, proselytize, insult, and even ridicule belief and religious practices in order to ensure that there is full scope--short of violence or inciting violence or other criminal offenses--to tackle these issues.
If Clooney wanted to prove that the news media had been terrorized and intimidated by McCarthy, and that Murrow had blazed the trail by being the first to criticize McCarthy, he's done a terrible job of it.
A blanket condemnation of judging--itself a judgment, of course--affords no criteria according to which we can criticize judging badly and affirm what it means to judge well.
If politicians passed NCLB to help school districts shape up, then I'm not sure having superintendents criticize the law would change their minds.
Or to criticize those who are and have more trouble with it than she likes to imagine that she would.