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According to the Washington Times, the 67-year-old Republican told Jimmy Roberts, host of the Golf Channel's 'In Play', that Obama is being criticized for playing golf, but why, he asked.
O'Reilly specifically criticized The New York Times for not giving Page One play to the story about the men arrested for an alleged terror plot against New York's John F.
Charles Fried, a Harvard Law School professor, whom the Times described as a "leading conservative scholar," criticized Brownback's actions.
He has criticized the tendency of gay priests to retreat from the larger population of seminarians even as he's also acknowledged that with rejection from the larger church comes a certain amount of internal persecution.
Spellings also criticized the Public Broadcasting Service for a "Postcards from Buster" cartoon that depicts two lesbian couples.
also criticized the WTO for not paying enough attention to the EU's regulatory trade barriers.
NARA's e-archiving project has been criticized frequently.
2003) criticized our presentation of data on a seasonal basis.
He has sent troops to Iraq and has been criticized for not doing enough to help his country's native people.
That's a year after the latter published a much-debated article in Mother Jones that, er, criticized the Sandinistas.
As they did with the preliminary vote -- and with past votes -- landlord and tenant groups criticized the board's action.
The investigation into accidents involving the Explorer by Idecu, Venezuela's consumer protection agency, has been sharply criticized by Ford as being biased and politically motivated, yet Venezuelan officials continue to criticize the safety of the Ford Explorer, even those vehicles sold without Firestone tires.