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Abu Zinada has criticized the silence of the Labor and Health ministries toward the very attacks that have hindered the involvement of women in various sectors for so long.
Bush hit back at conservatives, who have criticized Obama for his frequent golf outings, saying it's good for the leader of the free world to have some down time every once in a while.
Nabil, who had criticized the ruling military on his blog and called on people to avoid the draft, had been sentenced to three years in April in a widely criticized trial.
Since direct talks started on September 2 in Washington between the PA and Israel, Iran and Hamas have severely criticized the negotiations.
Charles Fried, a Harvard Law School professor, whom the Times described as a "leading conservative scholar," criticized Brownback's actions.
He has criticized the tendency of gay priests to retreat from the larger population of seminarians even as he's also acknowledged that with rejection from the larger church comes a certain amount of internal persecution.
Spellings also criticized the Public Broadcasting Service for a "Postcards from Buster" cartoon that depicts two lesbian couples.
An EU proposal, which would require chemical manufacturers to prove the safety of more than 50,000 chemicals if they are to stay on the EU market, was criticized as being costly, unworkable and a potentially major disruption to global trade.
NARA criticized the move in a statement that read, in part: "[The e-archiving project] is a critical need due to the volume and rapid obsolescence of electronic records today, let alone in the future.
2003) criticized our presentation of data on a seasonal basis.
He has sent troops to Iraq and has been criticized for not doing enough to help his country's native people.
That's a year after the latter published a much-debated article in Mother Jones that, er, criticized the Sandinistas.