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"I am shocked that people criticize women who work as nurses to help support their families," she said.
ODAN contributors also criticize Opus Dei for encouraging acts of self-mortification among its celibate members.
Or to criticize those who are and have more trouble with it than she likes to imagine that she would.
She criticizes a common tendency to see marginalization and structured dependency in the contemporary world, and provides a more optimistic perspective on old age in the period of the welfare state.
He criticizes me for relying on old data, notably the 1999 AIR study of various whole-school reform designs.
To criticize or put in question these interests and values does not amount to an exercise in transcendental philosophy but is simply the attempt to imagine a better community than the one we have - to see us "as we would like to be" (52).
Whitehead calls public schools "satanic imitations of the true God's institutional church" and criticizes "our Jewish neighbors" for advocating the end of mandatory Christian worship in public schools.
He criticizes the president of the ACLU for calling Bork a fascist just because he advocated censorship, disparages the civil rights movement for using "incendiary" rhetoric, and scolds feminists for "whining." Yet Bork himself repeatedly labels modern liberalism as fascist, totalitarian, and even Nazi-like.
Dugan, Jr., appropriately criticizes the 1978 proposal by the IRS to remove tax exemptions of church schools with "insufficient" percentages of minority students, a wholly unworkable plan.
The Wilson decision not only limits Wickline to its particular facts, but also criticizes some of its rationale.