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In the townhouse Zimbardo has lived in for 40 years just off San Francisco's Crookedest Street, he and his 25-year-old co-author zigzag through their case for the coming guypocalypse.
The windows bulge out over the street, as if they were little stern windows in a ship and a door opens out of the sitting room onto a little open gallery with plants in it where one leans over a queer old rail and looks all down hill and slantwise at the crookedest old black and yellow houses.
Way back in 1970 when the world was still dazzled by those grainy shots of Armstrong and Aldrin bouncing about on the moon, Spiro T Agnew, the crookedest vice-president in US history, pledged that America would put a man on Mars by the year 2000.
And we, or rather I, couldn't resist stopping off at the famed shopping district which is home to many world-famous boutiques, before we jumped back on the bus for a peak at Lombard Street, the crookedest street anywhere.
Once we'd jumped off, we toured the city - the backstreets of Chinatown, where laundry hangs from windows of Victorian houses, the chic hilltop houses of Russian Hill, with glorious views across the Bay and "the world's crookedest street", Lombard Street.
Do you think you'd ever nose wheelie down the curvy part of Lombard, the crookedest street in the world?
Before the updating, three champs, Seve Ballesteros, Ben Crenshaw and Olazabal, were the crookedest drivers, and Ollie, Langer, Nick Faldo, Crenshaw and Mark O'Meara the shortest.
When he ran for a second term in 1913 it was said to be "the crookedest election in Alberta history.