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I drop it into my purse, noticing that the stamp, a four-cent stamp, is crookedly applied.
Similarly, Mary's puffy, distraught face and Lincoln's body lying crookedly on a bed, his brain matter leaking quietly and unobtrusively onto the pillow, emphasise the personal dimensions of this grief.
AS EVER PRESENT as the Bible on the chiffonier, Mama's cookbook leaned crookedly against the window flame above the kitchen counter.
A gray newsboy cap rested crookedly on his head, and he was criminally unshaven.
The barrel itself was fine, but he reinstalled the quarter-rib scope base so crookedly the rifle couldn't be sighted-in with any scope in my collection.
Tattered walls seep dampness, broken roof beams spear-pointed the sky, empty window frames gaped like missing teeth, the staircase hung crookedly and most of the steps were missing.
Tsarnaev, 19, smiled crookedly -- he appeared to have a jaw injury -- at his sisters as he arrived in court.
The S was a slightly crooked so the girl had to fly crookedly.
He sat crookedly in his seat, as usual, so the chest plate of his body armor faced the shoulder of the road.
IN THE end, Manny Pacquiao lay crumpled on the canvas, face down, his left arm twisted crookedly behind him, his right buried underneath his unmoving body.
No sooner have I sat down opposite Dame Vivien--a sprightly, charismatic woman in her mid-sixties--than this visible care for order is borne out in a moment of what feels like friendly comedy; she has me back on my feet, straightening out a photograph hanging 'so crookedly it's unreal' in the corner of her office.