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One is where people behave crookedly or salaciously, but another type involves people who use innuendo to allege someone is crooked without giving evidence.
This one found hard shoulder and the bear regained his bearings and plowed across the river, losing bottom, swimming crookedly.
Often they start going in one direction, more or less how they were going before, but crookedly.
On the final dive, one that should have been a textbook, no-brainer clincher, Zhou entered crookedly, scoring only 74.
But the 20-year-old from Beijing entered the water crookedly on his final dive, scoring 74.
He should have strong feet and legs (good bone and strong hoofs), not crooked or weak, and should travel well--with legs moving straight forward instead of crookedly.
The player serving threw the ball up a little crookedly, and Boris lisped angrily: "Bad toss
As a tribute to those groundbreaking artists who defied the crookedly straight mainstream moviemaking industry, the festival pulled out two bold films from the past, Derek Jarman's Edward II (1991) and Araki's The Living End (1992), to complement these new entries.
If the tongue crookedly leans right or left, that is another sign of stroke.
The six-car train of the Yurikamome Line that connects areas along Tokyo Bay came to a halt Friday afternoon near Fune-no-kagakukan Station following the accident, and the commission found evidence of train wheels running crookedly over tracks 15 meters ahead of the station, they said.
My own favorite is "Maureen," whose glasses slump crookedly down her pronounced nose as she leans on her elbows.
on the walls are crookedly hung pictures by the artist, a nice landscape by Henri Martin, several decrepit and unframed water colors by various artists, numerous copies of Flemish masters, and a cast of Beethoven's death-mask.