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CROP. This word is nearly synonymous with emblements. (q.v.),
     2. As between the landlord and tenant, the former has a lien; in some of the states, upon the crop for the rent, for a limited time, and, if sold on an execution against the tenant, the purchaser succeeds to the liability of the tenant, for rent and good husbandry, and the crop is still liable to be distrained. Tenn. St. 1825, c. 21; Misso. St. 377; Del. St. 1829, 366; 1 N. J. R. C. 187; Atk. Dig. 357; 1 N. Y. R. S. 746; 1 Ky. R. L. 639; 5 Watts, R. 134; 41 Griff. Reg. 671, 404; 1 Hill. Ab. 148, 9; 5 Penn. St. R. 211.
     3. A crop is not considered is a part of the real estate, so as to make a sale of it void, when the contract has not been reduced to writing, within the statute of frauds. 11 East, 362; 2 M. & S. 205; 5 B. & C. 829; 10 Ad. & El. 753; 9 B. & C. 561; but see 9 M. & W. 501.
     4. If a husband sow land and die, and the land which was sown is assigned to the wife for her dower, she shall have the corn, and not the executors of the husband. Inst. 81.

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New Delhi [India], Feb 8 ( ANI ): India's biggest power producer NTPC on Thursday opened bids for procuring 1,000 metric tonnes per day of agro residue based fuel for its 2,650 MW Dadri power plant in the National Capital Region as part of initiatives to help clean air and provide farmers with an alternate to burning crop residues, a major contributor to pollution.
Crop residues were smashed and mixed before being incorporated into the top 0-15 cm of soil in the experiment plots according to the quantities indicated previously.
Nitrogen release during decomposition of crop residues under conventional and zero tillage.
Tillage and crop residues retention changes in PON were distinguishable only in the 0- to 5-cm soil layer; the differences were insignificant in the 5- to 15-cm soil layer (Table 4&5).
Wheat crop development throughout the season clearly depends on tillage, crop residue management and amount and timing of N fertilization.
Recently, more researchers have started to explore the potential of solid organic wastes and biomass, such as the organic fraction of municipal solid waste (OFMSW) and crop residues.
Results revealed that mixing of crop residues increased CO2-C evolution significantly and emission rare was 37% higher than that of control.
24 June 2016 - US-based investment fund Advantage Capital Agribusiness Partners, LP has closed a second investment in US-based crop residue supply chain solutions company Pacific Ag to help fund the acquisition of regional agricultural residue and hay harvesting company Calagri, the firm said.
This is explained by the fact that for several years, soil intakes uniform crop residues, which include large amount of cellulose.
The major sources of biomass energy are crop residues, animal manure and municipal solid wastes.
The images revealed huge amounts of crop residues burning in Punjab, Haryana and Uttar Pradesh.
An estimated 446 M dry tons of crop residues are produced per year in the US (Perlack et al.