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CROP. This word is nearly synonymous with emblements. (q.v.),
     2. As between the landlord and tenant, the former has a lien; in some of the states, upon the crop for the rent, for a limited time, and, if sold on an execution against the tenant, the purchaser succeeds to the liability of the tenant, for rent and good husbandry, and the crop is still liable to be distrained. Tenn. St. 1825, c. 21; Misso. St. 377; Del. St. 1829, 366; 1 N. J. R. C. 187; Atk. Dig. 357; 1 N. Y. R. S. 746; 1 Ky. R. L. 639; 5 Watts, R. 134; 41 Griff. Reg. 671, 404; 1 Hill. Ab. 148, 9; 5 Penn. St. R. 211.
     3. A crop is not considered is a part of the real estate, so as to make a sale of it void, when the contract has not been reduced to writing, within the statute of frauds. 11 East, 362; 2 M. & S. 205; 5 B. & C. 829; 10 Ad. & El. 753; 9 B. & C. 561; but see 9 M. & W. 501.
     4. If a husband sow land and die, and the land which was sown is assigned to the wife for her dower, she shall have the corn, and not the executors of the husband. Inst. 81.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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The experiment was designed with two cropping patterns following randomized complete block design with six dispersed replications.
Happy Seeder (HS) technology in rice-wheat cropping system, gives an advantage of direct drilling of wheat into loose as well as standing stubbles of rice in a single pass of the field, giving an additional benefit of 60% against conventional sowing (Qamar et al., 2012).
When nitrogen fertilizer is restricted in supply, biological nitrogen fixation is an important source of nitrogen in legume-cereal cropping systems.
"And as in conventional cropping systems, cover crops can help organic producers improve their environmental footprint with sustainable practices that help reduce soil nitrogen losses--an issue that is becoming increasingly important for agricultural producers."
As regards cost benefit ratio, the highest ratio was received in case of rice-lentil (1:2.38) cropping system followed by rice-canola (1:1.96) and rice-wheat-mungbean (1:1.78) as against the existing cropping pattern (rice-wheat) which gave the ratio (1:1.56).
* Polyculture (intercropping) is a cropping system in which two or more crops are grown together on the same field during a growing season.
However, incorporating them into summer annual cropping systems, especially following corn grain in the upper Midwest, presents challenges because of the short establishment window after grain harvest limited by temperature and possibly water.
The most significant change in cropping patterns in Saskatchewan over the past 20 years, and perhaps since agriculture became well established in the province, has been the increase in land sown to specialty crops.
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In the U.S., 64% of the increased yield in the corn crop since the 1920s can be attributed to genetic improvements; the rest to better cropping practices.
Not only will they require hard-to-get spare parts and petroleum-based fuels, but they were developed for different soils and cropping patterns.
Multiple cropping was a form of poly culture, he said and added it can be double cropping in which second crop was cultivated after harvesting the first one.