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CROP. This word is nearly synonymous with emblements. (q.v.),
     2. As between the landlord and tenant, the former has a lien; in some of the states, upon the crop for the rent, for a limited time, and, if sold on an execution against the tenant, the purchaser succeeds to the liability of the tenant, for rent and good husbandry, and the crop is still liable to be distrained. Tenn. St. 1825, c. 21; Misso. St. 377; Del. St. 1829, 366; 1 N. J. R. C. 187; Atk. Dig. 357; 1 N. Y. R. S. 746; 1 Ky. R. L. 639; 5 Watts, R. 134; 41 Griff. Reg. 671, 404; 1 Hill. Ab. 148, 9; 5 Penn. St. R. 211.
     3. A crop is not considered is a part of the real estate, so as to make a sale of it void, when the contract has not been reduced to writing, within the statute of frauds. 11 East, 362; 2 M. & S. 205; 5 B. & C. 829; 10 Ad. & El. 753; 9 B. & C. 561; but see 9 M. & W. 501.
     4. If a husband sow land and die, and the land which was sown is assigned to the wife for her dower, she shall have the corn, and not the executors of the husband. Inst. 81.

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Adopting intercropping all these benefit could be obtained which is not possible by sole cropping and hence food production can be appreciably enlarged, as in intercropped crop's productivity per unit area is superior than sole cropping, with the similar level of supervision and yield benefits can range from 20% to 60% attributed to lessening of pest attack and more resourceful usage of water, nutrients and solar radiation.
Key words: Rice, cropping pattern, leguminous crops, green manuring, soil fertility, sustainable productivity, economics.
Rice- Wheat is one of the major cropping systems in Punjab adopted by 94% of the farmers and is prevalent in approximately 1.
Induction of green manuring (dhancha) and leguminous crops in the existing rice-wheat cropping system can improve the soil fertility and crops productivity on sustainable basis.
Thus fitting of sesbania, sunhemp, mungbean, guara and cowpeas in the rice- wheat- cropping system is quiet feasible.
Polyculture (intercropping) is a cropping system in which two or more crops are grown together on the same field during a growing season.
Multiple cropping is the sequential production of two or more different crops from the same field each year.
Cover cropping is a type of multiple cropping in which a cover crop is grown following the harvest of a cash crop in the spring or late summer.
Cover cropping, on the other hand, enhances soil structure by adding organic matter and increasing biological activity, and improves water infiltration.
The University of California Division of Natural Resources is about to publish a book entitled "Covering cropping in vineyards: A grower's handbook" edited by Ingels et.
Under a Ford Foundation grant, it is developing new soil-management and cropping patterns, and conducting studies to identify and alleviate agronomic, marketing, labor and other constraints to small-farm productivity.