cross question

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NAB prosecutor argued that assistant counsel can also cross question but today he also didn't appear in court.
The Victoria Cross questions seem to generate a deal of feedback.
A survey carried out on behalf of the British Red Cross questioned more than 2, 000 parents, 350 of whom have youngsters under eight.
NAB Prosecutor informed the court Wajid Zia has been cross questioned in one reference.
Qazi Misbah counsel for directors of Hajveri Trust cross questioned prosecution witness Ishtiaq Ali with regard to his statement.
The court also directed that attendance of the witnesses be ensured and if they don't attend the court for cross questioning then they be summoned under court's orders and be cross questioned.
Nawaz Sharif lawyer, Khawaja Haris, cross questioned them.
Judge Arshid Malik remarked ' it means Wajid Zia cannot be cross questioned.