cross section

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The differential ionization cross section is given by (16)
The interplay of the cross section current rigidities is shown to be the main factor controlling failure.
8220;I have been looking for an effective, flexible, and intuitive cross section tool.
3]He spin parallel to the neutron spin, the thermal capture cross section is essentially zero, whereas for the spins anti-parallel, the cross section is 10666 b.
These fins propagate through the hotface and freeze within the refractory cross section, causing premature refractory failure.
It appears that the pulsed aperiodic reactor YAGUAR [5] at Snezhinsk, Russia, fulfills requirements for the nn cross section measurement.
a leading developer of affordable scientific graphics software, announces the release of Strater 3, a powerful, user-friendly upgrade to Strater, a well log, borehole and cross section plotting software package for geoscientists.
The inspectors wouldn't even have to slice cross sections out of the ivory; wherever statue carvers cut into ivory, the tubule angles are revealed.
Like a stretched rubber band, most materials become narrower in cross section when extended.
This device offers the option of changing screens without production stops, although there will be a short-time variation of the profile cross section.
According to the results of a modified "Delphi" market forecast exercise -- conducted as part of the 3rd Annual Clean Heavy-Duty Vehicles Conference on February 19-21 -- a cross section of heavy-duty vehicle industry participants believe the market share for diesel engine systems -- now the dominant driver in heavy-duty trucks -- will significantly decline by 2010.
Thought leaders from a broad cross section of preeminent consulting firms and Fortune 100 companies are collaborating in roundtable discussions to facilitate specific market strategy recommendations.