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This little bell,--to speak in plainer terms, --being fastened over the shop-door, was so contrived as to vibrate by means of a steel spring, and thus convey notice to the inner regions of the house when any customer should cross the threshold.
The house might just as well be buried in an eternal fog while all other houses had the sunshine on them; for not a foot would ever cross the threshold, nor a hand so much as try the door!
They wanted to get into his house under pretense of taking him to the camp; but he, without being frightened by their number, threatened death to the first who should cross the threshold of his door, and as there was one who did venture, the Frenchman stretched him on the earth with a pistol-shot.
Unless you wish it, I will not again cross the threshold of your door.
Later in the day he called me up on the phone and said that, though he realized that a man's place was the home, he declined to cross the threshold again until I had got rid of Eustace and Clarence.
As RPP was unable to cross the threshold of three percent, the party failed from being recognized as a national party.
According to the association Swissolar, this will generate the conditions for the PV market to cross the threshold of 300 MW per year.
1580 date stone Borrowed from the castle, it's over the front door and encourages all who cross the threshold to "fear God and flee from sin".
Recipient nations' foreign aid as a share of gross national income (GNI) falls an average 59 percent once they cross the threshold.
The event, organised by local enthusiasts David Clemmet and Thomas Davidson, saw around visitors cross the threshold of Stockton Sports Centre.
54% of the bilingual groups crosses the 20% OTT threshold, and 56% of English-oriented Hispanic cross the threshold.
com, which conducted the poll, said: "It seems people are rejecting the seeming robotisation of shopping and prefer staff to give help when asked, rather than pouncing as we cross the threshold.

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