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In a breed which has been crossed only once with some distinct breed, the tendency to reversion to any character derived from such cross will naturally become less and less, as in each succeeding generation there will be less of the foreign blood; but when there has been no cross with a distinct breed, and there is a tendency in both parents to revert to a character, which has been lost during some former generation, this tendency, for all that we can see to the contrary, may be transmitted undiminished for an indefinite number of generations.
When Lieutenant Turck crosses thirty," he said, "we shall all cross with him, and God help the officer or the man who reproaches him
In exchange for Paulson dismissing his suit, the parties agree to move the cross to the church, allowing the MSMA to maintain an interest in the war memorial and replace the cross with a nonsectarian symbol appropriately recognizing all veterans.
In the process he criticizes another major North American interpreter of Luther's theology of the cross, Gerhard Forde, for failing to connect theology of the cross with the immense pain and absurdity experienced by millions in the world today (chap.