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Clearing the flight path does not ensure safety and cannot substitute for an effective visual cross-check on nearby aircraft.
"The whistle had gone and Pelle was not doing anything when he took a cross-check to the head, which is way more dangerous play than anything that happened after that.
The cross-check was carried out by Castle Morpeth Council and the Department for Work and Pensions, which has the power to tap into HM Revenue and Customs tax records.
Remember, everyone at the ship is trying to kill you." Always back yourself up and cross-check your systems, especially when you are feeling behind the jet.
The Digiburst features "peak" pressure readings and are offered in addition to standard gauges for cross-check readings.
To improve tracking of plan assets, the IRS intends to cross-check the information it receives from a DFE with the information reported by participating plans.
It believes an on-time Willamette introduction has been sacrificed to the proliferation of P6 designs that Intel has supported for different markets (Klamath, Deschutes, Mendocino, Dixon, Katmai) as well as having the x86 team cross-check Merced's design.
Each followed a slightly different pattern of (alas) less-than-literal transcription, but systematic comparison of them acts as a cross-check and can provide supplementary details.
Participation in industry or customer cross-checks Performance rating Actions taken to improve cross-check performance
The scientist used field verification and aerial photography to cross-check the data, and the resulting confidence level in the accuracy of his results in 95 percent or better.
* 3rd Mooney cross-check by the IISRP-ES-TC, 1986 (International Institute of Synthetic Rubber Producers - European Section - Technical Committee) with 11 participants from Europe.
Furthermore, the anchor squares are exactly those with nontrivial cross-checks. Thus, the squares covered by the left part all have trivial cross-check sets that allow any letter to be placed there.