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"When the new system is introduced in Dewsbury, each registration will be cross-checked which will make fraud more difficult and risky.
Number of smears cross-checked Central laboratory Field laboratory Positive Negative Total Positive 4496 631 5127 Negative 204 31331 31535 Total 4700 31962 36662 Positive predictive value: 87.7%.
This profile is automatically cross-checked by the system each time the device requests access to the wired network.
But Irvine then followed it up with a blatant attack on Cardiff's Simon Keating after the Devils third-liner cross-checked him.
He accepted that he should have cross-checked as well.''
Myths and rumors have grown up around our story, but we have tested and cross-checked against the facts that are available.
Eckel, now with the Environmental Protection Agency, then cross-checked his list with records from state, regional, and federal environmental agencies.
Every task that is required to be done is recorded electronically and cross-checked during nightly service by means of hand-held barcode scanners that record job performance and quality.
The DNA profile will be cross-checked against men living within five miles of the murder scene.