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The traffic demand model was then cross-checked by estimating the number of potential installation sites before modeling the number of ADM installations per site.
Later in the period, Jason Marshall gave the Oilers yet another chance when he cross-checked Kovalenko, but Edmonton was unable to take advantage.
Defenseman Gary Suter, then with the Chicago Blackhawks, cross-checked Kariya in the jaw after the league's preeminent left winger had scored.
They cross-checked one of the best players in the game,'' Ducks coach Pierre Page said.
Best's extensive State/Line database of cross-checked and validated financial data.
The 23-year-old center suffered the concussion when he was cross-checked by Blackhawks defenseman Gary Suter.
Boxes, labels, and individual pills or capsules printed or etched with 2DMI marks are unique, and can be cross-checked for authenticity against a database kept only by the manufacturer.
Both bridges were cross-checked using an eddy current non-destructive test to verify the EFS findings.