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In two cross-checks remeasurement by Bayer of samples prepared by the participants was carried out on one Mooney instrument only; this gave "theoretical" improvement factors of 3.
B) Between-laboratory reproducibility (%) Cross-checks
3rd Mooney cross-check by the IISRP-ES-TC, 1986 (International Institute of Synthetic Rubber Producers - European Section - Technical Committee) with 11 participants from Europe.
Furthermore, the anchor squares are exactly those with nontrivial cross-checks.
This traversal is constrained by: the tiles remaining in the rack, the tiles already occupying the squares to the right of the anchor, and the relevant cross-checks.
Because all of the squ ares covered by the left part have trivial cross-check sets, we need not consider those squares when traversing the dawg--we need only to know the maximum size of the left part.
A simple, routine cross-check netted this latest offender and he has been given just 28 days to pay a court bill of well over pounds 4,000, while gaining a criminal record.