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Cross-checks should be conducted on homogeneous and stable materials.
Industry Standards for Analysis and Data Handling ASTM Standard Subject D3244 Data acceptance against product specification D4057 Representative sampling E29 Use of significant figures E177 Use of terms "precision" and "bias" in ASTM test methods E548 General criteria used for evaluating laboratory competence E882 Accountability and QC in chemical analysis laboratories E994 Laboratory accreditation systems E1301 Development and operation of laboratory proficiency testing programs E1323 Evaluation of laboratory measurement practices RR-D02-1007 Data processing from cross-checks
In two cross-checks remeasurement by Bayer of samples prepared by the participants was carried out on one Mooney instrument only; this gave "theoretical" improvement factors of 3.1 and 4.0, which, however, was only achieved because there were no differences between instruments.
B) Between-laboratory reproducibility (%) Cross-checks IISRP SBR 5.8 4.9 4.8 1.18 1.21 NBR 8.7 7.7 5.8 1.13 1.50 CR 5.5 4.5 6.9 1.22 0.80 CR 15.5 14.3 16.3 1.08 0.95 DIN SBR 23.6 5.9 5.2 4.00 4.54 CR 20.3 7.6 10.3 2.67 1.97 NBR 12.9 8.6 6.5 1.50 1.98 BR 6.5 7.7 7.1 0.84 0.92 ISO SBR 6.8 7.1 0.96 SBR 11.3 6.1 1.86 CR 1.7 5.0 1.56 11.3 7.7 7.4 1.70 1.66
Furthermore, the anchor squares are exactly those with nontrivial cross-checks. Thus, the squares covered by the left part all have trivial cross-check sets that allow any letter to be placed there.
This traversal is constrained by: the tiles remaining in the rack, the tiles already occupying the squares to the right of the anchor, and the relevant cross-checks.
Implementation of so-called "cross-checks" measures on gaseous and liquid radioactive releases from edf sites in operation and deconstruction.
"A simple, routine cross-check netted this latest offender and he has been given just 28 days to pay a court bill of well over pounds 4,000, while gaining a criminal record."
Joe's spreadsheet also does a few cross-checks to verify that the calculations all agree.
Visualize an approach: You cross the FAF, extend the gear, cross-check the altimeter against the crossing altitude on the approach chart, and, because you've set the correct power setting, the aircraft starts to descend at the predetermined descent rate.
He noted that a lot of things will have to be cross-checked and worked out, like consolidation of communication technologies, ensuring no tampering occurs when meters are not being checked manually.
Both pilots must maintain a cross-check on the other at intervals proportional to the potential for collision.