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half have no love of the game he loved, but all loved him, that cross-grained, rare man whose sending off's brought them to fill this place for one last time and holds them still.
Only that cross-grained Scottish quality of being "thrawn" saw him through the three hours and 12 minutes of emotional torment which ultimately became a physical ordeal.
Though the cross-grained and knotty lumber was harder to machine, its blemishes added a character lacking in furniture grade stock.
Pressured by racist, sexist, and classist ideologies that, whatever their differences, share their abstract urge to binary, determined, black-and-white simplifications, people resist being pigeonholed, insist on working out their own richly textured, finely cross-grained destinies.
ADOLPH MENZEL (1815-1905), an improbable, cross-grained character who might have walked out of one of E.
Disclosed also herein is a method of producing the cross-grained veneer, said method comprising cutting wood into veneer of desired thickness which assumes the straight grain, by using a veneer peeling machine equipped with a knife whose cutting edge waves continuously in the lengthwise direction, and flattening the veneer having an uneven surface by means of thermal fixing or hot pressing, thereby artificially forming the cross grain on the surface of the straight-grained veneer.
But one can also see that his colleagues must have regarded him as a cross-grained old curmudgeon, and must have shrunk from the prospect of sitting in committee with him.