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I saw what the gutter press was like, and didn't want strangers going through my bins cross-questioning and photographing my family and friends, demonising me, traumatising my family.
I as a lawyer in the case has full right to carry out cross-questioning from Arslan Iftikhar and Registrar SC in the court", Dr Basit added in his arguments.
Islamabad, Dec 29(ANI): Former Pakistan envoy Husain Haqqqani's counsel, Asma Jehangir has pleaded before the Supreme Court that American-Pakistani businessman Mansoor Ijaz be summoned before the bench for cross-questioning in connection with the Memo Gate probe.
The inquiry must have access to high-level legal advice, in particular a counsel to assist them in cross-questioning witnesses.
The Assembly government remains the only British or European administration to expose its ministers to such a public cross-questioning.
Bishop Neile had little choice but to bring him to the consistory court, where cross-questioning by Neile and his chapel, William Laud (the future Archbishop of Canterbury), only served to show just how heretical Wightman was.
The judicial commission probing the case completed cross-questioning the high-ups of the top Pakistani spy agency regarding the matter on Wednesday, The Nation reports.
Clues have to be found and quizzed, whether by reading private diaries, sniffing at love letters or cross-questioning everyone involved, from the near and dear to the distant and hostile.
After all, even BBC2s Newsnight has reached the point of cross-questioning former White House officials on whether "sexual relations" include oral sex.
The lawyers of PML(N) Chief Nawaz Sharif , Mustafa Ramday and Salah-ud-Din Mangal did cross-questioning on Pasha's statement.