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During hearing of the Flagship Investment Reference at NAB Accountability Court, cross-questioning with last witness of the prosecution was completed.
Former prime minister Nawaz Sharif appeared before NAB Accountability Court personally and listened to the cross-questioning of his counsel with NAB's Investigative Officer Kamran.
While high lightening the matter of change of NAB prosecutor, Khawaja Harris told that during the cross-questioning of JIT Chief it was asked did Hussain Nawaz bring the report with himself when he appeared before inquiry committee.
It said that although, Khawar Maneka denied having used abusive language, but he did not appear before the inquiry committee in order to avoid cross-questioning in this regard.
I as a lawyer in the case has full right to carry out cross-questioning from Arslan Iftikhar and Registrar SC in the court", Dr Basit added in his arguments.
The judicial commission probing the case completed cross-questioning the high-ups of the top Pakistani spy agency regarding the matter on Wednesday, The Nation reports.
Presenting a witness is the right of one party while cross-questioning it is the right of the other, said the lawyer in the petition.
Syed Nasir Shah, during the cross-questioning, had informed the House that the government intends to start a forestation drive and will transplant trees spread over 50,000 kilometres.
Meanwhile, Judge Accountability Court also allowed Khawaja Harris, the Defence Counsel for Nawaz Sharif in the Flagship reference to continue his cross-questioning with Investigative Officer of Flagship Reference from Thursday's hearing as well.
NAB prosecutor took the stance that when you have not given these documents why are you cross-questioning him.
He insisted that the cross-examination of the prosecution's witness be limited to "relevant facts".The argument between the two lawyers occurred when Harris was cross-questioning Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) Additional Director Zia, who had headed the joint investigation team (JIT) tasked with collecting evidence in the Panama Papers case by the Supreme Court.
The lawyers of PML(N) Chief Nawaz Sharif , Mustafa Ramday and Salah-ud-Din Mangal did cross-questioning on Pasha's statement.