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Producing a cross-section of a river channel is fundamental to all river studies.
The number of fibres cutting-through the given cross-section surface of composite space in the so-called geometric model has been defined applying the fibre orientation factor (a) (Dupont, Vandewalle 2005) defining the average proportion of fibre length projection (onto the horizontal axis) to their length.
Increased modification and thinness can decrease fiber strength, but Teijin Fibers says it overcomes these limitations by leveraging its proprietary fiber-making technologies to develop Octa fiber with its unique, highly modified cross-section.
trapezoid cross-section (machined into a single mold plate).
These modifications focus on (1) the selection of fibers for testing and (2) the accuracy of cross-section area determination of natural fibers.
A published residual gravity map of Auckland Volcanic Field, New Zealand is used to generate a cross-section using 'Vigat 2005'.
Von Bertalanffy growth parameters were estimated from surface and cross-section ages combined from trials 2 and 3.
By calculation of cutting force is possible to utilize entire cross-section of chip, but also cross-section of chip related to one abrasive grain.
Design of the insert as a separate cooling zone, in unison with trapezoidal machining of the insert's cross-section, reduced the cooling time by 4 sec, so that cycle time was reduced from 13 to 9 sec, or 31%.
Cryptic inscriptions run all over the Uruguayan artist's metal rulers, rectangles of Plexiglas, sheets of aluminum foil, and real McIntosh apples; conjoined cells of various shapes are filled in with straight lines, dashes, and curlicues; scattered shapes are reminiscent of everything from sails and tents to sword handles and dense enclaves of buildings (in cross-section and bird's-eye views).