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In solder joint cross-sections, in addition to mud cracks, one sees the intermetallic layer is not uniform in parts affected by black pad (FIGURE 7).
Isomeric cross-section ratios and total cross-sections for the Se-74(n,2n)Se-73-g,m,Zr-90(n,2n)Zr-89-g,m and Mo-92(n,2n)Mo-91-g,m reactions.
Floods in some parts of the basin have lead to investigate and revise the cross-sections.
z]) stresses along the symmetry line of the equal size net cross-sections of the smooth and notched lifting hook in the coordinates normalized to the outside radius of curvature [r.
Information about fibre orientation in composite space is used in further calculations of fixing the number of fibres and their distribution in the composite crack failure cross-section.
The order and rankings of these runner cross-sections poses a problem for the mold designer, in that the most cost-effective runner to machine may at the same time be the least cost-effective to mold, because of either comparatively poor flow characteristics and/or relative difficulty to de-mold.
In this method, the calculation of the fiber cross-section area is done assuming that the fiber is considered perfectly round, which is true for most synthetic fibers.
The sample is imaged during or immediately after the polishing which results in extremely short inspection times for each cross-section.
Cross-sections are generated from geological maps and can be thought as vertical slices through a map area showing a profile view of subsurface structures.