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When he had got a light he saw that she had taken away all her things and the baby's (he had noticed on entering that the go-cart was not in its usual place on the landing, but thought Mildred had taken the baby out;) and all the things on the washing-stand had been broken, a knife had been drawn cross-ways through the seats of the two chairs, the pillow had been slit open, there were large gashes in the sheets and the counterpane, the looking-glass appeared to have been broken with a hammer.
Lawson's portrait of him had been cut cross-ways and gaped hideously.
The previous evening each furnace had been charged with 114,000 pounds weight of metal in bars disposed cross-ways to each other, so as to allow the hot air to circulate freely between them.
We offered first a prayer To Pluto and the goddess of cross-ways, With contrite hearts, to deprecate their ire.
Arriving at a cross-ways, he thought he noticed a slight smoke rising among the trees; he stopped, looked more attentively, and saw, in the midst of a vast copse, the dark-green branches of several pine-trees.
Somehow he and the SBA got cross-ways over the paperwork after the loan had already been granted, and Stacks --whose authoritative personality does not engender sympathy--ended up having his bottling plant in southwest Little Rock raided by federal agents in 2012.
These days chopsticks pointed towards you could look like daggers, so they are placed cross-ways which is friendlier.
Season with salt and fresh ground black pepper, and place the vegetables together in a suitable container Method Cut the bread cross-ways into 1.5cm-thick slices and drizzle each slice with one teaspoon of olive oil and season with one turn of fresh ground black pepper.
Jack Milligan reported the story we call "Learning the Hard Way." It tells the tale of how Georgia lawmakers had an accelerated lesson in how not to get cross-ways with the secondary market.
When Hurston claims that "anybody whose mouth is cut cross-ways is given to lying" (Dust Tracks 192), she does not clarify whether that lying is with an intent to entertain through exaggeration or to deceive through misrepresentation.