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The screen is a border that is crossable, yet there are distinctions between the two sides, for example when Tom enters Cecilia's world and takes her out for a night on the town and tries to pay for dinner with the fake prop money he has in his pocket.
Indeed, this small islet, connected to the rest of Crete by a shallow reef that's crossable when the sea is calm, is like a landscape painted with cotton candy, where pink sand squishes between your toes and baby blue water laps over your shins.
Founded upon the gulf between God and humanity which finds its primary expression in the ineffability of the aesthetic; its natural medium is in the elevated strains of high liturgy, and its corollary effect is the elevation of the mediating institution which renders the gulf crossable.
Whitman is a lowercase christ rather than the Christ, a king only insofar as he's able to see himself as other, as reflection, at a distance that "avails not" not because it is instantly crossable, but because there is a metonymic method of crossing it that makes it permanently available to any person to revisit and there be crowned as the king of the others, of which she herself is one.
Part of my goal was to form easily crossable bridges between the inside baseball discussion of these issues and those whose lives are affected in myriad ways by these unseen guiding hands.
Are the County Clare man's bridges to Ballydoyle and Freemason Lodge still crossable, or have they been burned beyond meaningful repair?
Zahir and Batin are divided by the River of Flowing Blood, only crossable by a bridge of smoke guarded by smoke lions and a tower full of aggressive fairies.
The latest data for the Arctic are suggesting that the route will be crossable for the non icebreaker cargo ships by the summer of 2013.
But these spiritual "seekers" willing and able to live with a cognitive dissonance and to leave some questions of belief unresolved, find that "boundaries are indeed crossable, both theologically and in practice".
With consent, of course, and if it gives equal pleasure to both sides, more lines are crossable.
The effect of a frontier on the adjacent regions is particularly significant in relation to intrastate fights, as its elements (walls, crossable lines and borderlands) have serious implications on the movements of peoples, goods and representations.
With fewer cars, MASC restores street parking and crossable streets with two traffic lanes and two parking lanes as buffers.