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Moreover, it is possible more evaporative heat loss at crossbred HF50% than HF87% to affect lactation at crossbred dairy cattle.
For instance, crossbred cows tend to be more fertile (reaching puberty sooner and breeding back quicker after calving) and to have a longer life of productivity, producing more calves in their lifetime, than purebred cows of either parent breed.
The GADVASU dairy farm established under a government-funded Cross Breeding project has a herd of crossbred cows with an average lactation yield of 5,877 kg.
Mass production of crossbred Boer goats will begin in the first quarter of 2002.
Garnering glimpses of techno and hip-hop, ballet, Balinese dance, and voguing, all crossbred with post-modern dance, Higher Ground's format is her testament to dance's universality as art, as ritual, as celebration.
Programs based on these tests are available for animals from a common source, mixed groups of cattle and for herds of crossbred animals.
In this experiment, a total of 180 KND ducklings crossbred from these lines were divided into four groups (three replicates per crossbred, 15 birds per replicate) under completely randomized design.
The same bull had sired the Lyons' 2010 English Winter Fair supreme champion, the Limousin crossbred steer Meat Loaf, also bred by Ken Jones.
Store Sheep (778): Welsh Wethers to pounds 80; Welsh Cast Ewes to pounds 60; Welsh Rams to pounds 79; Badger Face Ram to pounds 61; Speckled Face Rams to pounds 70; Crossbred Cast Ewes to pounds 87; Halfbred Cast Ewes to pounds 94; Crossbred Rams to pounds 95; Cheviot Rams to pounds 87; Suffolk Rams to pounds 90; Welsh Ewe Hoggs to pounds 60; Welsh Hoggs to pounds 80; Crossbred Hoggs to pounds 94; Crossbred Double Couples to pounds 116.
A LIMOUSIN crossbred steer shown by Richard Dent was crowned the overall champion at Young Farmers Club (YFC) calf wintering competition held at Hexham Mart.
CROSSBRED Welsh Mountain ewes mated with Dorset rams produce greater profits than Texel, Cheviot and Lleyn tups, a breeding study revealed.