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Based on these antecedents, the objective of the present investigation was to evaluate differences in reproductive performance among pure Holstein and Brown Swiss cows and Holstein x Brown Swiss and Brown Swiss x Holstein crossbred cows in a pasture-based system under subtropical conditions of Mexico.
Animals used in this study were from two breeds: DorperxSmall Tailed Han crossbred (F1, T) and Small Tailed Han sheep (C).
A joint evaluation of the intercept and slope coefficient of the regression Equation (observed values versus predicted BW) for Holstein and crossbred animals separately (Table 3) shows the rejection of the null hypothesis (p < 0.
indicus and Crossbred were present at the Select grade for beef carcass classification.
He has 36 other dairy crossbreds, though these yield less milk.
For instance, crossbred cows tend to be more fertile (reaching puberty sooner and breeding back quicker after calving) and to have a longer life of productivity, producing more calves in their lifetime, than purebred cows of either parent breed.
Livestock Northwest and the Cumbria Farmer Network are holding an open day July 12 at Red House Farm, where the crossbred lambs can be viewed and Innovis's Dewi Jones will discuss the Aberdale crossbreeding programme.
It is the best milk production by a crossbred cow at any of the government institutional dairy farms in the country and is comparable to the milk yield of cows in countries like USA, Israel and Denmark, considered the best dairy producers.
RSPCA inspectors fear that imported American bulldogs are being crossbred with pitbull terriers to create a heavyweight superdog capable of astounding feats of power and ferocity.