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As the result, the higher threshold in the Thai crossbred population might due to the combinations of heat-tolerance genes from Bos indicus and the lower production.
(2012) 9.25 percent in crossbred and indigenous cattle.
The results showed that uniquely mapped reads were mainly present in repeat elements (32.49% in Small Tailed Han and 34.36% in the crossbred group).
They were then adjusted by a mixed model, considering breed (Holstein and crossbred) as a fixed effect and body measures as a fixed quantitative variable.
Heart rate at birth and during the growth of the body was high in crossbred female sheep from Poll Dorset (p < 0.05).
taurus had 41.40% of carcasses with Supreme compared with 35.31% and 30.89% for Crossbred and B.
He has 36 other dairy crossbreds, though these yield less milk.
So what exactly is a crossbred or a composite animal?
Livestock Northwest and the Cumbria Farmer Network are holding an open day July 12 at Red House Farm, where the crossbred lambs can be viewed and Innovis's Dewi Jones will discuss the Aberdale crossbreeding programme.