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In conclusion, purebred Holstein and Brown Swiss cows generally performed as well as their F1 Holstein x Brown Swiss and Brown Swiss x Holstein crossbreed contemporaries, since there was no substantial improvement in reproductive efficiency in crossbred cows, indicating absence of favorable effects of heterosis on fertility traits.
Crossbreed Modular Belly Band w/ Ohai Modular Holster Materials Elastic nylon, Velcro Carry Type IWB or off-body carry Retention Type Level 1, friction Adjustability Infinite MSRP $35 (belly band); $48 (Ohai holster) Handgun Fit Springfield Armory XDs-9 3.
CrossBreed holsters are a mix of the old and new: a contoured leather backer with belt slots or clips and a Kydex holster body ("pocket").
1) usually alien human crossbreeds don't have much hair on their head.
We assumed the Alien-Human Crossbreed tale was fascinating.
From there, six lucky crossbreed dogs will earn the right to qualify for Crufts 2017.
The water activity of dry-cured hams made from crossbreeds ranged from 0.
Rowley, a three-yearold crossbreed, is "a whirlwind who he loves his toys and is a very, very active young boy".
While the club puts crossbreeds such as dorkies - dachshund/Yorkshire terrier - on companion dog and activity registers, it does not have detailed ancestry and health information.
Sylvy, a former Kenilworth Dogs Trust pooch who is hoping to |win an award in the 'Scruffts' crossbreed competition at Crufts
Good luck to those breeders that can manage to get three or four hundred pounds for a crossbreed but please don't take people in by advertising them as if they were a new breed because they aren't.