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CROSS. contracts. A mark made by persons who are unable to write, instead of their names.
     2. When properly attested, and proved to have been made by the party whose name is written with the mark, it is generally admitted as evidence of the party's signature.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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A negative result from Crosscheck means that raw meat residues were not detected and that the risks are low.
A simple user interface, detailed user guide, basic video tutorials and technical support make CrossCheck Online an excellent choice for everyone dealing with multi-language documentation.
To participate in CrossCheck publishers must first allow their content to be indexed and included in the CrossCheck database.
CrossCheck does this by measuring 1,280 points during each scan.
"Web services and XML are now a core aspect of enterprise data and communication infrastructure," said Louis Slaats, president of Crosscheck Networks in the Netherlands.
Crosscheck Networks, Inc, a provider of SOA testing solutions, launched on Friday (11 April) SOAPSimulator, a comprehensive service simulation product for SOA developers and testers.
With access to a third-party database, the underwriter can crosscheck the application to make sure that the weight and cost are consistent with the manufacturer's numbers.
French laws that required the registration of foreign artisans simplify some problems of job classification; a governmental survey or other ad hoc documentation often enable him to crosscheck his data's reliability.
As a crosscheck to make sure the correct names go into the bag, they are normally placed in it in order of qualification - and therein lies the problem.
According to him, those who were in doubt of his performance could come for the necessary documents to crosscheck the facts and figures.
The move comes as several states debate ending their participation in the free and voluntary Interstate Voter Registration Crosscheck Program.