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Because of this, an operation that drills headings using burn cuts has to slash the rib to start a crosscut (or work around a pillar) as illustrated in Figure 4, until the opening is sufficiently large enough to allow the rig to drill, at which point the burn cut can be used again.
will be shown in the Discovering Asian Cinema program of the Crosscut Asia section.
Despite finding pieces of answers scattered across platforms and industries, as well as a few strong examples from some news leaders, it became clear that there was no central source with comprehensive guidance on how a smaller newsroom like Crosscut should best recruit and retain subscribers.
Since the 1970s, the agencys nine regions developed regional policies on the use of chain saws and crosscut saws.
Rip sawing first will result in a smaller cut envelope for the subseguent crosscut saw operation.
Rick Smith, managing director at Crosscut Ventures, is joining the board of Measurabl as part of the transaction.
18 October 2013 -- California-based Square 1 Bank said that it has provided a credit facility to Santa Monica-based seed-stage venture capital firm CrossCut Ventures.
Drift tunnels have been driven from the crosscut tunnels either eastwards or westwards along major mineralized structures to test the strike continuity of mineralization zones.
Although the sawing yield of Group A was higher than that of Group B for logs that were not crosscut (CCP-0), there was little difference between the two sweep groups when the logs were crosscut using CCP-1, CCP-2, and CCP-3.
But the truth is, if you want to make perfectly square cuts, you're better off leaving the miter gauge in the rack and building a crosscut sled.
Two types of panels were considered, with longitudinal and crosscut grain.
System-level requirements also tend to crosscut many core modules.