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"Received an email from my dear director Lav Diaz that ANG HUPA/THE HALT will be part of the the Tokyo International Film Festival's Crosscut Asia section - this year, OCT 2019.
The name "Crosscut" is a play on words and a nod to the region's mining and forestry heritage.
A lot of the films in "Crosscut Asia," a section rounding up Southeast Asian films in the Tokyo International Film Festival from Oct.
The crosscut shredder adds an extra layer of security to eliminating confidential documents; soft, comfortable furniture offers more relaxed counseling sessions; and the Alpha-Stim devices will help ease anxiety, depression, insomnia, and help with pain management often associated with addiction.
Because of this, an operation that drills headings using burn cuts has to slash the rib to start a crosscut (or work around a pillar) as illustrated in Figure 4, until the opening is sufficiently large enough to allow the rig to drill, at which point the burn cut can be used again.
A cinematic gem from the Second Golden Age of Philippine cinema, the restored version of Mike de Leon's 1980 musical-comedy 'Kakabakaba Ka Ba?' (Will Your Heart Beat Faster?), will be shown in the Discovering Asian Cinema program of the Crosscut Asia section.
Despite finding pieces of answers scattered across platforms and industries, as well as a few strong examples from some news leaders, it became clear that there was no central source with comprehensive guidance on how a smaller newsroom like Crosscut should best recruit and retain subscribers.
Place the marked straight edge of each blank against the sled's fence, then crosscut one end of the blank.
Rip sawing first will result in a smaller cut envelope for the subseguent crosscut saw operation.
3 September 2014 - US sustainability reporting and analytics solutions developer Measurabl said it had secured USD2m (EUR1.5m) through a seed funding round with Crosscut Ventures in the lead.
Driven by a 25 HP gear motor plus heavy duty gears and belts and equipped with a 5 HP VFD (variable frequency drive) motor on the crosscut, the Affinity excels at delivering maximum capacities.
These new concerns crosscut other concerns and core Classes in the system.