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The ADV7625 (5 HDMI inputs and two HDMI outputs) and ADV7627 (5 HDMI inputs and one HDMI output) crosspoint transceivers support UHD HDMI inputs and outputs required by many new home A/V receivers, sound bars and TV systems delivering UHD (ultra-high definition) video up to 30 frames per second and 3DTV video up to 60 frames per second.
The ultracapacitor module charges rapidly during regenerative braking to capture and store electrical energy that otherwise would be wasted in a conventional friction-based braking system, and it quickly delivers that energy to the electric motor for low-emission propulsion," said Larry Zepp, Crosspoint Kinetics' chief technologist.
WinterGreen Research announces that it has published a new study Digital Crosspoint Switches and Buffers: Market Shares, Strategy, and Forecasts, Worldwide, 2012 to 2018.
Like Utah Scientific, Mindspeed Technologies is a technology leader, a pioneer in the development of highly advanced crosspoint switches.
According to the company, the M21156 low-power, high-speed, 144x144 retiming crosspoint switch minimises jitter using a combination of advanced equalisation and retiming circuits, enabling the development of multi-gigabit channels across the most demanding backplanes.
Maddox, who had been president of Intrust Bank's Northeast Kansas region, had assumed his new role with Overland Park-based CrossPoint on Wednesday.
We are confident Crosspoint will be a strong local partner for this exciting transaction, and believe this acquisition will be an excellent addition to our client's globally diverse real estate portfolio.
Crosspoint looks for opportunities to maximize investment return when market conditions are favorable and to reduce risk when markets are in turmoil.
John McNichols, Crosspoint Kinetics product director said, We have addressed many of the problems with first-generation hybrids, such as expensive batteries, less-than-satisfactory reliability, and complex integration into a vehicle.
a leading supplier of semiconductor solutions for broadcast and network infrastructure applications, today announced it has extended its line of high-performance, asynchronous fully non-blocking crosspoint switches to include a 12.
Collins, Chief Executive Officer and President of CrossPoint Energy Company said, "We are making progress increasing reserves and production, as indicated by our increase in oil and gas production and our previously announced 46% increase in proved reserve volumes.