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We sent people to 35 crosswalks to see what would happen when they tried to cross.
We want city and school leaders to know that technology can support their goals, whether they are in public safety, reaching Vision Zero, creating a more walkable community, or avoiding a potential liability at an accident-prone crosswalk," says LightGuard President Michael Harrison.
Each was assessed over simulated crosswalk distances of 12, 36, and 72 feet (distances similar to the crossing distances of one, three, and six lanes, respectively).
A free 15-day online trial of Security to Entity CrossWalk can be had by sending an email to sp_marketing@standardandpoors.
Michigan State University's East Lansing campus is home to 40,000 students who, during the course of a typical day, traverse a 20-mile internal roadway system that includes many mid-block crosswalks.
ItEs pretty clear from a staffwide study conducted in November and December by the Daily Herald that many drivers are either oblivious to crosswalks or pay them no heed.
A city employee will be posing as a pedestrian, walking across a marked crosswalk at 16th and Polk - chosen because it's a straight stretch and clearly visible, Marsh said.
These policemen had no direct view of the crosswalk in question.
HIPAASpace now offers the updated 2014 Crosswalk Solution for ICD-10 / ICD-9.
The publication, Informational Report on Lighting Design for Midblock Crosswalks (FHWA-HRT-08-053), evaluates lighting designs that might enhance pedestrian visibility to drivers.