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The seats, instead of stretching from end to end, are placed crosswise.
He made no answer, but stepping within the door, before which he had kept guard, held his pole crosswise to protect it.
He had his money ready, folded in a scrap of paper, and laughingly handed it in; then with a free action, threw out as many fingers of his right hand as there were shillings, and made a cut crosswise in the air for an odd sixpence.
The deck was a wilderness of smashed timber, lying crosswise like trees in a wood after a hurricane; an immense curtain of soiled rags waved gently before me--it was the mainsail blown to strips.
spikelets colloredo - reconstruction lascy lengthwise, crosswise spikelets western and eastern and laterally at rudolf v.
Product positioning lengthwise or crosswise to the web allows for full utilization of the forming material width, thereby optimizing output.
As part of this engagement, Crosswise is providing Digilant with device map data that anonymously matches billions of PCs, tablets and smartphones to their individual users.
Crosswise, innovative provider of cross-device identification mapping, will use the funding to expand its international presence and increase sales and marketing efforts.
8 scallions, separated into white and green parts, the white parts finely chopped, the green parts thinly sliced crosswise
Working over bowl to catch juices, cut oranges into thirds straight down through top of fruit; then cut crosswise into thick pieces and let fall into bowl.
Cut each quarter into seven thin slices; cut one slice in half crosswise.
The dogs of the childless sleep crosswise in bed, from human hip to