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Stepping up to a mile for the first time, Crotchet overcame a troubled passage to win by a length and quarter, looking decent value for the margin too.
Respondent C commented "I was always taught to count triplets by saying 'victory'", then "a triplet followed by a crotchet would be 'victory V'".
Hardwicke plays den mother to pic's Emile Hirsch, John Robinson and Victor Rasuk in their commentary, which is given to boyish enthusiasm over Rebecca De Mornay's crotchet bikini or the Malibu girls in the film when the thesps aren't exclaiming over the difficulty of certain skateboard moves.
5, Kaunzinger begins the crescendo hairpin at beat 2 (assumedly as in MS 1) and reports that the hairpin "begins in FE already on the first crotchet in r.h.
Maybe it's the sawed-off crotchet needle that they slip into the body of the device that discourages writing on the screen or the fear that you'll scratch up the surface.
The only such coinage that is debatable in its function is the term 'maggot', taken in the unfamiliar sense of 'crotchet' to describe the persistence of unexamined pseudoscientific notions in fantasy literature.
Elliott states that `note values have been reduced by four to make the crotchet the unit of time, the most familiar and comfortable for most present-day performers' (p.xiii).
is only 'a little faster' than C (which Sawkins equates with crotchet = 60) seems to have been interpreted by Sawkins as 80 per cent faster (minim = 54 (i.e., crotchet = 108)).
Obvious errors in the sources are reproduced without warning - for example, in Purcell's setting of `The Thraldom' bar 25 the last voice note should be B not A; bar 79 a bass D is omitted; bar 83 first crotchet beat should be ; or in `The Rich Rivall, of Purcell, bar t second bass note prefer G not A and similarly in bar @q., and so on, especially in the Purcell settings.
Crotchet is having her first start for O'Brien having joined him from the Richard Fahey stable, but stall ten is not good news, according to the trainer.
TOMORROW EPSOM: 2.00 Winter Gleam, 2.30 Persian Moon, 3.05 Arigato, 3.35 Corazon Espinado, 4.10 Port Of Call, 4.45 Central City, 5.15 Incentive MUSSELBURGH: 2.10 Mister Chiang, 2.40 Tick Tock Croc, 3.15 How Bizarre, 3.45 Ocelot, 4.20 CROTCHET (NAP), 4.55 Restive, 5.25 Our Place In Loule.
Richard Fahey's CROTCHET (3:40) is worth a punt in the feature EBF Fillies' Handicap.