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61) In some pop songs, such as the Rolling Stones' 'Satisfaction' and Smokey Robinson and the Miracles' 'Tears of a Clown', as well as instrumental sections of the Spencer Davis Group's 'Keep on Running' and Wilson Pickett's 'Midnight Hour', and chorus sections of Roy Orbison's 'Pretty Woman', snare drum beats fall on all four crotchet values of the 4/4 bar.
Some editions, for example, start with the word 'All' as a crotchet anacTusis, and the held note on 'mooed' may be of two or five beats.
Mr Arnold, then as a critic seemed to me at first, and has always seemed to me, flawed with those very faults of freak and crotchet against which he was never tired of protesting, and though a very useful alternative, stimulant, and check, not a good model, and a still worse oracle.
Believing this sense of the ridiculous to be a prophylactic that protects us from mistaking mere human earnestness for authentic spiritual seriousness, he exults in seeing Klee "scribbling, / where once there was crucifixion, / those crotchets and semiquavers / with which levity begins.
The choice of topics touches on one of Heinlein's crotchets.
The jewels on it are like droplets of rain and look like treble clefs or musical crotchets.
The most noteworthy of these are dashes and parentheses (or the square brackets known as crotchets that Twain tends to use), which might be expected, these being prominent grammatical structures of interruption.
Nor did she fail to acknowledge the weak spots in writing of which she was nevertheless quite fond (such as the fiction of Elizabeth Bowen) or the crotchets of the masters whose achievement she considered profound (Henry James stands out in this regard).
By the time I got to senior school we were being forced to read crotchets and quavers by a fearsome music teacher, putting them to regular use for the delight and delectation -- sort of -- of parents at prize giving ceremonies.
Or are these angels just notes of music: Semibreves, crotchets, quavers Somehow come alive?
They managed to recruit eight teachers from the state orchestra, where Julie and Philip were still working, and were amazed when 165 people turned up to learn about crotchets and quavers.
The three pieces reviewed were Clockwork Calypso, Creepy Crotchets and Dragon Dance.