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Thus, for example, in short order a college friend's son comes to live with Hunt and immediately becomes attracted to him; the relationship-wary Hunt grows closer to his (female) neighbor; his elderly uncle, a former inmate, grows more crotchety and unpredictable each day; and on and on.
It's a task that haunts many good architects who get crotchety, unsociable and downright boring in the run up to a lecture date.
The crotchety automaker was loved by everyday citizens; listened to by Lenin, Hitler, and Woodrow Wilson; and derided by intellectuals, cosmopolitans, and opinion shapers.
He'd say it in a crotchety old voice--not that he was crotchety and old then, not that he is even now--but the voice communicated that credit cards, while perhaps useful in certain situations, were just not worth the trouble.
This "fictionalized memoir"/novel offers an account of a writer's minor fracas with a crotchety neighbor on St.
Five-year old Imogene finds herself living alone with her crotchety Aunt Agnes.
26 /PRNewswire/ -- The bookkeeper, once viewed as a crotchety toiler in a green eyeshade who kept the books for a small business, today has emerged as an essential professional relied upon as a key source of advice for best accounting practices and protection against embezzlement and fraud.
He's a good comic getting sharper and more crotchety as he gets older.
The wordy and (somewhat) amusing captions (not a new feature in his art) embody a crotchety voice, which may be angry at a world that forces the aging yet productive artist to face the linked problems of storage and mortality.
Okay, let's say that only a completely unrepentant, utterly crotchety, jaded old fart could fail to be moved by, well, good news.
Jerry Bechtle, who describes himself as "old and crotchety and retired in northwest Montana," wrote: "Belden Lane, in his book Landscapes of the Sacred, speaks of crotchety old Kentucky farmer Wendell Berry .
Lucky can be kind of a rough, crotchety character," he said.